Double celebration

As if reaching 100 was not a special enough occasion for Erla Browne, the vibrant former educator shared her birthday today with her great-granddaughter, Eleanor Leach, who turned six and got the opportunity to meet Governor General Sir Elliott Belgrave.

Centenarian Erla Browne happily shared her celebration with great-granddaughter Eleanor Leach who turned six today.

An impressed Sir Elliott listened attentively as Browne read the card he presented her to commemorate the special occasion, and the two shared light conversation before toasting.

Centenarian Erla Browne toasts her big day with Governor General Sir Elliott Belgrave.

Browne is the mother of three children – Peter and David Browne (deceased) and Betty Sanders – who were each born 17 months apart .

Three generations: Erla Browne’s granddaughter Rebecca Payne with great-grands 
Bethany and Eleanor Leach, and the centenarian with granddaughter Allison Browne.

In her early days, the former teacher was a disciplinarian but loved by many. In fact, just last weekend the island’s newest centenarian was toasted and showered with gifts by former students of the St Gabriel’s School for her hard work and dedication.

Browne was dedicated to children and church.

Reverend John Rogers brought greetings from the St George Parish Church to the avid churchgoer.

“Sister Erla attends church on both Sunday and Wednesday mornings, and she is a sure sign of God’s providence amongst us,” he said.

The centenarian was born in Barbados in 1917 and moved to Britain over a decade ago. She spent most of her life here, but now resides in London.

Following her visit from the Governor General, Browne celebrated her milestone with 100 of her closest family and friends at a nearby function, where she was described by many as an unsung hero and a phenomenal woman.

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