Bajan swimmers do well in Antigua

Over the weekend a team from Saltwater Swimmers Barbados participated in the American University of Antigua’s Rorhman 1.5 km Open water swim held at Ffryes Bay, Antigua.  The swim is part of a memorial triathlon organised in memory of Jonathan Rohr, a former student of AUA and an accomplished triathlete who played a pivotal role in the development of triathlons in Antigua and Barbuda.

The Saltwater team consisted of 17 swimmers ranging from ages 12 to 48.  After the decision at the beginning of the year to take part in the swim, swimmers began training for the 1.5km event, under the watchful eyes of coaches Lisa Richardson and Gillian Bayley-Valdez, swimming up to six afternoons each week.

The Saltwater Swimmers were greeted by the Antiguan Tourist Board on arrival in Antigua. Seated in the centre are coaches Gillian Bayley-Valdez and Lisa Richardson.

Swimmers Margaux Harvey-Read and Cody O’Neal were the two highest placed Barbadian swimmers, finishing in a time of 25:45.80 minutes and 25:46.40 minutes respectively. O’Neal placed third overall in the Men’s Division. Harvey-Read was fourth overall in the Women’s Division. This put the two in second place in their respective women’s and men’s age 15 to 18 age groups. Ethan Perkins, placed third in the men’s 15 to 18 age group in a time of 26:12.80 and Sabrina Peirce was second in the girls 11-14 age group. Her time was 26:20.5 minutes. Jodie Howell also came third in this age group.

Sylvia Lascurian, Gillian Bayley and Lisa Richardson placed first, second and third respectively in the women’s age 31 and over category. Fathers James Peirce and Chris O’Neal placed second and third respectively in the men’s age group 33 years and over. Part of the team returned home on Sunday and the remaining members returned Monday. 

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  1. calvin February 21, 2017 at 8:18 am

    Just to give you an idea this is 60 lengths of a standard 2m swimming pool. And indoor swimming is easier. So I now have some direction to aim for. I normally do 80 and it takes me around 45 minutes at best.
    One of the worst things swimming in open water in Antigua is the jetskis. Unfortunately swimmers are not easy to spot and the guys driving them are not caring enough. So take care if you start this sport.


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