Rebirth needed, says Archbishop Holder

Anglican Bishop of Barbados and Archbishop of the West Indies Dr John Holder is calling for more social programmes to help Barbadian families in crisis.

In fact, commenting on the recent suicide of 16-year-old student Chante Natasha Yarde of Mission Gap, Brittons Hill, St Michael, the Anglican cleric recommended a rebirth of the social clubs that helped shape the lives of the young people of his generation.

“In my early days we had our social clubs, we had our groups in the church, but a lot of young people these days are not in these groups. I grew up in the Anglican Young People’s Association and the Church Lads Brigade or my social club in the community. That interaction assisted us in our younger days; but a lot of that is missing today,” Holder said as he introduced the Right Reverend James Tengatenga of Malawi, the featured speaker for Sunday’s Diocesan service at Kensington Oval.

He said the society was becoming more diverse and complicated, placing more pressure on ordinary families to provide the youth the emotional support they need, or “the space for children to grow into decent wholesome adults”.

Holder estimated that up to four generations of Barbadian children had been “disconnected from the moral guidelines” that helped older generations to survive, and suggested that for there to be any meaningful change “the society as a whole [must] go back and strengthen the communities”.

The Bishop told reporters that the Anglican Church had set up a homework programme at St Ambrose Church where an attempt was being made to save young girls from illegal activities.

However, he said a lot of the work done by the church was being undermined by the home.

“We try to pull the girls out for two hours a week to give them some lessons. For that two hours they are not exposed to drugs and prostitution and all kinds of crazy things. Some parents believe that the church and the school can do everything. You have them in the church for two or three hours but two minutes in the household the guidance disappears because the household cannot strengthen the moral guidance they receive in the church,” Holder explained.

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  1. Jennifer February 18, 2017 at 5:35 am

    Rebirth is definitely needed, but a spiritual one. Sadly the education system, churches, and all social systems is currently preventing this process. In life you are either a HELP OR HINDRANCE. If you are not Part of the SOLUTION you are part of the PROBLEM. Sadly these current systems are a HINDRANCE, no matter how much classes you want to give young people. THAT IS NOT THE PROBLEM, so it will be like a barren tree, FRUITLESS.

  2. jrsmith February 18, 2017 at 10:35 am

    Most adults always refer back to 50 or 60 years ago , but they never mention we have lost our culture , because of the past behaviour imposed by the said churches , because all black people do is pray waiting for the blonde haired blue eyed man , who is coming to save them all…

    What the (Arch Bishop ) should do is to call our priminister, ask for an audience with him and some members of his government , asking him why our country is in such a mess pointing out to him its time the people stop hurting , because of him and his government who is standing in the way of progress in Barbados ..
    Sometimes I think this government was voted in to give our country away to foreigners or destroy the same.

    Its as what do the 98% of the people do who is unhappy and confused , when seeing the 1% of the nation have no real concern what happens to the people….which exposes Barbados to other people , but no bajans…………………..

  3. M Taylor February 18, 2017 at 1:23 pm

    Archbishop Holder, begin in the schools. Return Religious and SPIRITUAL Education to the classrooms. In doing so, all information on religions the world over will be taught to our children. They may encounter the tenets of one that they feel spiritually moved to follow and which will lead them to the acknowledgement of the core of their being – their spiritual nature which rules their lives. There is a text on World Religions in the library of Codrington College. Encourage our teachers to get a copy of that book on their own and begin to teach the history and the tenets of such religions. Help our young people to understand that their spiritual nature is the core of their very being and must be nurtured with sound knowledge, meditations, prayer and much silence. Help our young people and their parents by extension to understand that their spiritual nature is who they are but their bodies will be changed at the beginning of each of their rebirth. In other words, teach them that their spiritual essence will revolved with each reincarnation while their bodies go back to the dust at the end of each earthly cycle. Teach them that their purpose on this earthly plane is to eventually return to their pure essence on the spiritual plane where the All becomes the One. Dr John, begin now. The same is needed in all aspects of our society. There are persons who would assist you in this regard. Include those who have such a background but are not necessarily priests. Seek to emphasize teachings that can help us to understand some degree of our spiritual nature which is the core of our being. Dr John, do it now. The SOCIAL classes without teachings about our core being will be but yet another wasted project. Teach our people how to pray so that they will begin to believe in the true of God that is resident within themselves. Let the church begin. You have persons within the Anglican Diocese who can assist greatly in all that is needed in this regard but unfortunately because they do not have two cents to rub together on sundays to put in the plate, they are treated like the lepers in olden days while those who become employed in places where their salaries are enormous, are quickly herded into every meeting and organisations, and given leadership positions.

  4. Meakai February 19, 2017 at 1:18 am

    Preachers and politicians. There will be no rebirth while these two groups have any influence in the lives of the poor and needy.

    Dependence is their stock in trade. Peddling promises of better days and eternal salvation is how they remain relevant.

    We do not need a rebirth, we need a rebellion against politics and religion. We need a revolution!

  5. Meakai February 19, 2017 at 1:22 am

    Boys need saving from illegal activities too. Yes?


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