A 12-member jury today found Damien Lecoursey Reveira guilty of the manslaughter of Anderson Ashby who lost his life in a gun deal that went bad more than six years ago.

Reveira, 27, of 4th Avenue, New Orleans, St Michael, had been accused of the fatal shooting of 31-year-old Ashby at the play park in Belfield, Black Rock, St Michael on October 9, 2010. While he had been charged with murder, the jury found him guilty of a lesser count of manslaughter.

Reveira, alias Poopman, who was represented by Andrew Pilgrim, Q.C, was on the sale team in the firearm deal that turned deadly. Ashby was one of two buyers.

Testimony from various witnesses in the case heard before Madam Justice Jacqueline Cornelius revealed that Ashby, his younger brother Christopher, their cousin Derek Springer and several other men, including Reveira, met on that night in 2016. Money was handed over but there was no product. The situation resulted in gunshots being fired, and Ashby was hit by a bullet that penetrated his back and exited through the left side of his chest.

His body, which was dragged across the street by his younger brother who was the one who had wanted to purchase the firearm, was found by police in the front room of Shanelle Gooding’s home, located opposite the park.

His brother had gone to Gooding’s house pleading for help.

Today, it took the jury in the No. 5 Supreme Court almost two hours to arrive at a unanimous verdict.

However, that was not achieved before they returned to the court – after initially deliberating for an hour – to seek clarification from the judge on the difference between murder and manslaughter.

After another 40 minutes, they returned with the verdict at 1:56 p.m., as Reveira stood in the dock and his parents sat a short distance away.

After the verdict was delivered, Reveira was asked whether he had anything to say but all he could clearly articulate was “well Ma’am,” which resulted in Justice Cornelius deferring his allocution.

She also ordered a pre-sentencing report into the life of Reveira who was previously unknown to the law courts.

He returns to court on April 7.

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  1. hcalndre February 17, 2017 at 10:36 am

    This pre-sentencing thing in murder/manslaughter verdicts are to do when the evidence is there, because he`s not known to the courts would he be given a slap on the wrist? all that this gun sale would have resulted to that instead of what happened to him would have happened to some one else. One gone, the other should go to prison for a long time.


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