Try less taxation, new political party tells Govt

The leader of one of Barbados’ three new political parties is suggesting that reducing the tax burden on citizens is one way to get the country out of its economic woes.

Grenville Phillips II of Solutions Barbados made the call for an immediate decrease in the level of taxation, contending that it would not only give taxpayers an ease but lead to an increase in Government’s revenue.

“That has been proven in Barbados. There was even a study published just before the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) was returned to office which looked at Barbados’ history of lowering and raising taxes and they found that when the Government lowered taxes, it took in more revenue,” said Phillips, whose political party is comprised strictly of business people.

“If you want more revenue to come in, lower taxes. If the Government does not understand that, come and ask me to explain it or go and get some other advice. Do not listen to people who are leading the country to ruin.”

Phillips lamented that high taxation continues to be a feature of the Freundel Stuart administration, even though it has proven not to provide the projected revenue.

And he questioned why the government persisted in doing the same thing repeatedly when the results were no different.

“The Government has raised taxes and taken in less taxes, so we know that that does not work. They tried it for the past seven years and it has not worked,” Phillips said, adding that while there was a “little bump” in revenue at one point, it could not be sustained.

He was adamant that lower taxes would translate into increased revenue.

Phillips, who is an engineer by profession, therefore encouraged Government to try his approach, although he acknowledged that given the current financial position, this might not be the ideal time to do so.

“The best time to have done it was when the country had some reserves, so at least they would have a buffer in case they were afraid. But to wait until the country is basically drained and try it at this time, I can understand why there will be great trepidation,” he said.

The political hopeful, who will be throwing his hat into the ring when elections constitutionally due next year are called, extended an offer of assistance to the DLP Government, saying he was available for discussion on the issues.

Phillips’ Solutions Barbados, along with the recently launched United Progressive Party (UPP) and the Barbados Integrity Movement (BIM), are presenting themselves to citizens as alternatives to the DLP and the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) to form the next Government.

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  1. jrsmith February 16, 2017 at 6:08 am

    If this is what we would be expecting from this movement , we are in for worst times ..
    Taxes may be high but we have nothing to to fill the void , barbados government needs to find employment , for at least 5000 people ….
    Lower taxes translate to increase revenue ……. with what spending power on bajan wages , what about prices increase on product and commodities….. (we need jobs , jobs , jobs , jobs..
    not talk , talk, talk. ……………………………………..

    We dont have a manufacturing base , we dont have an agriculture base , the strength of the economy the returnees pension funds… we are all hearing of the increase in visitors to barbados , but this still makes no difference to the economy……

  2. Mark Adamson February 16, 2017 at 8:25 am

    The below post is another reproduction – essentially – of an original post that was done on another medium by the People’s Democratic Congress (PDC).

    It deals with the removal of ALL TAXATION in Barbados.

    The scheduled period with which such will be done is a five year period.

    The foreign exchange receipts of the government will not ever be depleted as that such a process will be done to help bring about greater real foreign investment – not funds from overseas entities with improper purposes in mind, not electronic numbers etc, and as that such a process will be done at the same time as there shall be the ABOLITION of ALL so-called Exhange Rate Parities in foreign currency/credit and/or local currency/credit dealings, but with national foreign currency/credit provisions having to be made to provide for local and foreign persons and groups of persons’ capacities to get such foreign currencies or credits over to the foreign persons or groups of persons desiring to be given receipts in the PARTICULAR foreign currency/credits (US, Pounds, Chinese Yuans) they so require in commercial dealings between their
    countries and our country.

    So here we go.

    Ten (10) strategies to be implemented: some simultaneously beginning with and continuing after the Abolition of Taxation in Barbados; and some beginning and continuing after the Abolition of Taxation in this country.

    So, here is what a certain future coalitional regime of Barbados, and of which the PDC will be part, shall, et al, help bring about in pursuance of the realization of the following objective of the ABOLITION of Taxation, relative to the laying and completion of the social political material financial foundations for a post-TAXATION society of Barbados:

    1) Significant reductions in the size and scope of operations and responsibilities of those persons, businesses and other aspects falling within the province of government of Barbados;

    2) Many areas previously falling under the rubric of government shall be transferred to the jurisdiction of the PRIVATE PARTNERSHIP OWNERSHIP/OPERATIONS of those persons who would long have had the experience skills in running them as so-called government ministries, departments, statutory corporations, companies;

    3) Any of those areas that remain part of government and that have not been made more commercial must be made that way, to whatever degrees – areas of the government that are primarily social welfare security infrastructural in nature – although having commercial dimensions – will be reformed to duly emphasize efficiency and efficacy of operations;

    4) The seeking of public share capital subscriptions for any very viable government/private sector ventures;

    5) The proper rightful use of accounting techniques to offset what receipts that are owed by the entity managing the government’s affairs to persons and other entities, against what the latter may owe to the same entity (no third party transactions will be involved in these techniques);

    6) The outlawing – by the political directorate of the government management entity, or by any other entity on the behalf of the same government management entity – of the issuing of so-called government paper (treasury bills, debentures, savings bonds, etc) for hitherto clear subscription to by members of the public, for hitherto clear subscription to by any financial or other institutions or entities, for whatever purposes;

    7) The emergence of well conceptualized properly coordinated and capably managed voluntary civic citizens corporate initiatives for the expressed purposes of taking over (adoption agreements) and providing for the development or the maintenance of certain aspects of the people’s properties and lands they have ownership of the rights over, for the primary purposes of the people in Barbados’s benefit and gain and not for any personal private benefit or gain on whosoever’s part;

    8) The deriving of financial and other advantages to the said government management entity, as a result of its significant political strategic asset controlling position in the material productive and distributive and financial affairs in this country, and which – by proper uses of those advantages – would be able to facilitate the getting of substantial receipts through the growth in national remunerations resulting from the Abolition of Taxation;

    9) The capitalizing on access – by the political directorate of the government management entity running the affairs of government – to the National Institutional Productive Money Transfer Scheme and to the National Institutional Non-Productive Money Transfer Scheme, for the essential purposes of making sure that this said entity will get the desired actual amount of money from the said Schemes, on the directorate’s presentations and later approvals by the legislature of Barbados of its annual fiscal budgets, and that therefore out of the actual allocations got, will be the giving of transfers – via the said Schemes – to partners within the government management entity on their having business done for and in the public’s interest, and its giving of transfers – via the said Schemes again – to any other businesses on their having business done for and in the public’s interest; and

    10) The ensuring of the use of circulated receipts that would have been either saved, lent, or spent, by persons or groups of persons, at whatever times (and that would have been long viciously the target of government TAXATION), as a necessary and sufficient basis upon which the relevant leaders/managers of the local core financial system and the relevant human components within the local commercial system will have been made to use their collective and particular powers and authorities to altogether and or particularly determine the amounts of money that would be made available to be used by the relevant core financial authorities for purposes of making transfers to the relevant persons, businesses, and others, that would have done business anywhere in Barbados, and for purposes of making transfers to needy recipients of pensions in whatever forms anywhere in Barbados, and who altogether – in the case of business persons/partners – would have proven that they would have done this business for any given times – and – in the case of pensioners – would have proven that they are to receive pensions for any given times – to the appropriate agency in charge of the financial management of the local core financial system (the National Currency Board).

    Such sound ideological and policy positions of the People’s Democratic Congress (PDC) do make pellucidly clear the contrast between the vision and perspicacity that we, our associates and supporters have for a brighter and better Barbados, and the lack of critical thinking skills and dearth of progressive thought of persons like Dr. Winston Moore and Carol Nicholls – who recently by their very unstudied, negative and reactionary positions on the Gaston Browne Administration’s proposal to have Abolished so-called personal income taxation in Antigua and Barbados, in April of this year (has actually been done), partly reflect why Barbados had – over the last 8 years or so – been proceeding deeper and deeper into political economic and financial depression, and will become a virtually failed government political system, in the next 31/2 – 8 1/2 years time.

  3. Andrew Simpson February 16, 2017 at 9:21 am

    Creation of the right conditions will yield opportunities for agricultural, manufacturing and other enterprises to develop.
    A cooperative approach, to effectively and efficiently managing unused lands, buildings and human resources will spur investment and provide jobs for displaced public servants, hopefully including many of those presently in the house.
    It is important that such maneuvers are taken in good time, so as to mitigate against the economic ‘turbulence’ which is fast approaching. We must fully utilize capital, leverage technologies and create new disciplines in order to approach the dreaded ‘tidal currency wave’ head on, while assuring that any drag on the ship is eliminated. Debt to equity arrangements for avoiding the overwhelming current financial interest payments would also be wise.

  4. Helicopter(8P) February 16, 2017 at 10:54 am

    At present the island nation needs about forty acres of new productive coconut groves to extend into the next 18 years. With a progressive hotel industry expected this projection should have been put in place by the Agriculture ministry. Farming coconut acreages would not be as past years gone by. The debarking and bee pollination of our coconut stock would be managed and documented by trained agriculture specialist. Freighting to market and consumers would employ several workers in that sector. By going this route our importation food bill would have a decline in expenditure and a good supply balance of produce. Local sugar production of the finest quality and good marketing brand labels for export can be attained by our Barbadian workers wanting to see their produce and manufacturing on the global supermarket shelves. Yes Barbados Sugar, Port Vale Sugar or Andrew’s Sugar you choose the name, it should be out there on the supermarket shelves. Ask your selves Barbadians why would we want to import okras in abundance when we can produce 75% of supply. Some of the most fine tasting citrus I have personally indulged is grown on Barbados soil. Do you know what it is to taste a fresh tree ripe orange from Barbados? Trust me! It’s a delight! The masses live around the coastal areas but they should discover what potential the soils of BARBADOS can produce!

  5. jrsmith February 16, 2017 at 1:56 pm

    Thats our problem we are so well educated , the wrong type of education , for education sake….but still need educating in the way how you manage an economy as little Barbados…
    How you get of your ass get your fingers out , roll your sleeves and do something for ourselves , stop living in la, la, land about being middle class , and if you want a box of Chiclets , you use a credit card, stop all of this praying crap it has done nothing for us….
    Barbados is not that far from (Greece’s) problems , the difference Greece have the support of the country which has done better than any other country in the (EU) (Germany)…and for us Barbados who do we wait on, who do we borrow from, we should be thankful we still is part of the (Commonwealth) we have nothing, even our rum is foreign own..
    We dont need a new fancy name party in Barbados , this has being tried through out the (Region ) where is the success , we need to choose the right , people , who are not corrupt , who are trustworthy even if they are foreign because we cannot govern our selves ..
    Our Barbados economy needs an injection of at least ( 500 millions US dollars) spending this money prudently and on the infrastructure , would generate the type of cottage industry which would sustain the low level (Non productive Attitude which is in Barbados ) bajans this is not Sunday school time ,we are in trouble , our people need people who is carring dollars , bringing to Barbados real jobs , not burgers and chicken wings …
    The trouble why certain countries in the , dont take black countries serious , because we dont take our selves seriously……

  6. Jennifer February 16, 2017 at 8:56 pm

    @jrsmith – If we weren’t so mentally destroyed we could sort things out. Funny you keep saying about the wrong education, for education sake, which is what I keep saying. They educated you because it will look bad and you will rebel. What has happen is that massa education system in the schools gives you only education to function as a slave and nothing more, Meanwhile massa descendants and other locust there reaping havoc in all the businesses. They have not given you this type of education to keep you in a docile state. So the only thing you can do is to resort to pilfering and cooning.

  7. Jennifer February 16, 2017 at 9:02 pm

    Mind you no vehicle can function without an engine. Blacks are the engine, which spends the money, nothing more. Mean While the other nations around you cashing in and saving. Spending money on nonsense like THEIR HOLIDAYS, SPORTS shows, CROP OVER , CHURCH, ETC all of which was given to us by the massa. Now you tell me if we are not an educated ingrunt people. If only we can turn we would be in money and they would be OUT.

  8. Tony Webster February 17, 2017 at 5:25 am

    Simple Solution: Sell Culpepper Island to a guy who now lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, wid TCP permission to extend it a li’l bit, like 20-30 miles out into the clean atlantic , wid golf-course, of course, and permission to indulge his hobby…drilling for money…sorry…oil.

    Price: be nice to us; plus pay into treasury, every month, at least 100 million roubles…sorry, US-dollars.

    The only fall-out (of the non-nuclear variety) is dem Bajans wid property, up there…as property-values would change inversely wid balance of Consolidated Fund. Hmmm….yuh cyan mek omelettes…without breaking eggs. Fuh real, folks.


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