Students explore career options

Third Form students at the Coleridge and Parry Secondary School got the opportunity to explore various professions during their annual Career Day Showcase yesterday.

The initiative, now in its eighth year, saw students receiving advice from industry professionals, many of whom are old scholars.

Chef Raymond Belgrave showing eager students the easiest way to prepare cou-cou and flying fish.
Some of the students during the music workshop at Coleridge and Parry.
Musicians in the hall preparing for the concert.

Theresa Stuart, the school’s secretary, said the showcase was to give the students some guidance as they prepared to choose subjects for their Fourth Form studies.

“They choose different subjects going into the fourth year so it gives them a good opportunity to see what certain careers are about, and kind of shapes their minds into choosing their careers. Most of the presenters . . . are old scholars. The only ones that are not members of the alumni are the police,” she explained.

The careers ranged from aviation, fabric designing, policing – including in community policing, marine policing, and the Special Services Unit – to human resources management, and promotions and events, among others.

Stuart said the students were expected to attend all the sessions.

“They all have to go through the entire process. It’s not that they are gravitating to one area. It’s a rotation process so they go from room to room,” she explained.

Detective Keith Brathwaite from the police Forensic Unit said he found the students were very interested in the work his unit does.

Detective Keith Brathwaite (right) and Detective Wayne Griffith showing the students some forensic equipment.

“A lot of them were interested in the science aspect of it. It pushed them to see what usually happens on TV, in front them live,” he said.

Music was also a favourite at the school known for its award-winning choir. Students from the United Kingdom-based Haringey Young Musicians, as well as the Daryll Jordan Secondary School and Alexandra Secondary School, took part in music sessions. Later, along with musicians from Coleridge and Parry, they put on a concert in the assembly hall for the students.

To close off the school’s week of activities, there will be an Old Scholars football match, a cricket match between past and present students, and a mix-n-mingle for the Old Scholars at Divi Southwinds Hotel.

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