Two admit, two deny, one missing in drug case

Four men, two of them Guyanese nationals, appeared in the No. 5 Supreme Court today to answer drug charges dating back to 2011.

Ryan Oneal Nowell, of Maxwell Avenue, Black Rock, St Michael; Michael Clarence Forde of Road View, St Peter; and Guyanese Surain Persaud and Andrew Edwin McLennon are jointly charged with possession and trafficking of 42.2 kilogrammes of cocaine on March 31, 2011.

Forde is also separately charged with knowingly permitting the handling of cocaine to take place on premises of which he was in charge, at #304 Pomegranate Road, Sunset Crest, St James.

Forde and Nowell told the court presided over by Madam Justice Jacqueline Cornelius they were not guilty of the charges against them, while McLennon and Persaud admitted to their offences.

A fifth man, Davanand Outar from Guyana, who is also facing the drug possession and trafficking charges, was not present in the dock with the other accused who are represented by Andrew Pilgrim, Q.C.

When the prosecutor, Principal Crown Counsel Elwood Watts, enquired of his whereabouts, Station Sergeant Clyde Gibson who had warned the accused for court said he could not find a Barbados address for Outar.

Sergeant Gibson also said he had received information that Outar, who was granted $175,000 bail back in December 2011, was not in the island.

Justice Cornelius then ordered that a summons be sent for Outar’s surety to attend court.

Meantime, Watts outlined the facts of the case involving Persaud and McLennon who were found at the Sunset Crest address when police executed a search warrant there.

The court heard that when police went to the residence, they could hear the persistent sound of hammering coming from the house, but no one responded to their calls or knocks.

They entered the residence and saw two men in a bedroom. When the officers searched the room, they found cocaine in wooden pallets.

In a statement to police, McLennon revealed that a taxi man picked him up after he arrived in the country by air on March 20, 2011.

He said he was taken to the house in Sunset Crest where he was met by a man whom he had known for over a year and another whom he had seen in Guyana.

McLennon said he was told to help with the removal of packages from the pallets.

He was apprehended when police executed their search warrant.

Persaud, in his statement, said he was also dropped off at the house and while there he was given a mallet and chisel to help remove the packages.

The two men, who have been on remand ever since the raid, are not known to the law courts in Barbados.

Justice Cornelius adjourned their case to March 3, at which time she is expected to have pre-sentencing reports as well as reports on their time spent on remand. Nowell and Forde will return to court on May 22.

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