Major threat

Morris raises new alarm, as police are called in at Combermere

If you thought that the recent Combermere stink had ended, think again.

In fact, following claims of deliberate sabotage levelled by Minister of Education Ronald Jones earlier this week, the head of the school’s History Department, Anglican priest Reverend Charles Morris, Friday cautioned that much more was currently at play at the Waterford, St Michael school.

In fact, the words he used were “attempted murder” to describe the earlier report by Jones that two natural gas pipes in one of the Science labs had been left on for about 45 minutes after a class.

Jones made the revelation in Parliament this week where he also revealed that hand towels and children’s book leaves were found to be blocking a drainage pipe from a toilet.

“These incidents served to exacerbate anxiety, fuel uninformed speculation, and, at times, despite the diligent effort to find solutions, complicate attempts to assess those issues attributed to the plant,” Jones said, while assuring that those incidents had now been “put to bed”.

However, Morris suggested that the problem was even more serious than what Jones described, as he revealed that the Royal Barbados Police Force (RBPF) had recently been called in to investigate “death threats” reportedly made against one Science teacher.

Morris also said that the Barbados Secondary Teachers Union (BSTU) officials, the victim’s lawyers and principal Vere Parris had met and discussed the allegations in recent weeks with the most recent discussions taking place last week.

He also reported that keys to the Science Department has been missing for an extended period of time but said management was yet to change the locks and the doors to the building.

“Keys were missing for months now, they have not been found, their locks have not been changed, the door has not been changed so if we are going to say sabotage it could very well be. It means that somebody would have gone in there and turned on the gas,” said Morris, in expressing personal alarm.

“What they are saying is sabotage could very well be attempted murder, given all that is going on in the entire department,” he added while telling Barbados TODAY that the morale of the teaching staff was at an all-time low and that the school was simply “going from one bad state to another”.

The outspoken teacher also questioned the silence of parents in light of the Jones’ latest mouthings.

“All of this should send a message to parents that if it is sabotage then it is a clear indication that there is to some degree of unsafety at Combermere School,” he said, adding that “if I had a child here at Combermere School and somebody told me that there was sabotage then I would fear for the life of my child, and therefore I would have to do something about that as a parent but somehow we talk about sabotage and still the parents have not conveyed any actions indicating about the safety of their children.”

When contacted Friday night, BSTU Mary Redman said she was not aware of any death threats towards a Combermere teacher, adding that recent visits were to discuss other matters affecting the school.

3 Responses to Major threat

  1. Angus Benn
    Angus Benn February 11, 2017 at 4:51 am

    Mr Jones if you feel is sobatage. All you have to do is to install some hidden cameras in the school, you don’t have to tell no one when you install them. You could hired a company to monitor the cameras for you .once you could find some money.

  2. Peter February 11, 2017 at 12:27 pm

    I would not look at installing CCTV as that will create further controversy. The Teachers Union will object non grounds of violation personal violation and invasion of privacy. Sabotage can done in the toilets, to furniture, All kinds of things that can endanger lives of both teachers and students. A more diligent security system should be put in place where security personnel are deployed to carry out spontaneous checks Before, during and after school hours. also in the areas around the schools. I know certain security companies overseas deploys drones for short periods at low level heights in what they describe as IDS – Intrusion Detection System, Those systems must ONLY be operated by security or Police and emergency services. It clearly falls within the schools and public awareness, safety and disaster prevention services. Time to go high tech.

  3. Gloria February 11, 2017 at 4:59 pm

    Smoke and mirrors. A Minister known only for hot air says it is sabotage and he has evidence. The police should not wait for him to call them – they need to contact him and if possible charge him for withholding evidence or for not reporting a crime – he and the Principle since he also said it was sabotage and that he had evidence. Good God you have a school with nearly 1000 odd students and find book leaves in the sewer, it was? and conclude sabotage and giving the impression this big crime was committed. Children, historically will call in bomb threats etc. I think all a wunna need a bush bath.


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