It wasn’t me murder accused testifies

Murder accused Damien Lecoursey Reveira could know his fate next week.

Madam Justice Jacqueline Cornelius adjourned his murder trial until next Monday, after the 27-year-old who is charged with the shooting death of 31-year-old Anderson Ashby more than six year ago, addressed the court and defence attorney Andrew Pilgrim, QC said he was not calling any witnesses.

“I don’t know anything about any set up, Ma’am. All I know about is selling a gun, Ma’am. These men kill this man and they are home on bail and I am here fighting for my life this morning, Ma’am,” Reveira said in an unsworn statement from the dock of the No. 5 Supreme Court.

It is alleged that Reveira killed Ashby in a gun deal gone wrong on October 9, 2010, on the Belfield playing field in Black Rock, St Michael.

Principal Crown Counsel Elwood Watts is prosecuting the case, which is being heard by a 12-member jury.

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  1. Sue Donym February 13, 2017 at 6:49 am

    Assuming the “just an innocent salesman” spiel moves anyone, at some point he would have figured out the gun wasn’t going to be used to shoot peas at marauding monkeys. That’s why he’s fighting for his life… note to other salesmen.


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