Dalton House repeat as champions

Dalton House have bragging rights for another year at Harrison College.

Friday at the school’s Crumpton Street, St Michael grounds, Dalton ‘Yellow’ House retained their inter-house athletics championship from last year when they tallied 1 386 points.

Dalton House celebrating their victory.

However, they had to fight for that victory as the competition was keen throughout the day with a number of outstanding performances coming from other houses. Armstrong ‘Blue’ House finished second with 1 233 points, Collymore ‘Green’ House took third position with 1 147 points while Deighton ‘Red’ House were fourth with 1 126 points.

A number of records were broken today with Dalton House erasing the previous Division 2 Girls’ 4x100m record of 52.66 with a clocking of 52.01. The old record was also held by Dalton House.

Armstrong House’s strongman Trishon Gibbons smashed the previous Division 1 shot put record of 13.89 when he tossed the put 14.31m. His housemate Jonathan Jones was also in record-breaking form in putting his stamp on the 400m and 5 000m.

Competing in Division 2, Akayla Morris’ distance of 5.39m sufficed for her to claim the new long jump record at the school.

Dalton House’s victorious 4x400m relay team (l-r) Akayla Morris, Afraka Bynoe-Forde, Tia Hinds and Zara Owen.

The most impressive display on the day arguably came from Armstrong House’s sensational junior competitor Aren Spencer. He claimed the junior victor ludorum title with an all-round performance that demanded attention. Spencer accumulated a whopping 91 points while winning the 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, long jump, triple jump and high jump. This is a special lad with an abundance of talent.

The junior victrix ludorum title went to Layla Haynes who tallied 69 points for Armstrong House with wins in the 400m, 800m and 1 500m among some other top three placements.

The senior victor ludorum honours went to Yannick Burrowes of Armstrong House with 61 points. While he did not reach the top of the podium in as many events as Spencer, he competed in about 11 disciplines and placed in virtually all of them boosting his points tally significantly.

The same was the case for the senior victrix ludorum Afraka Bynoe-Forde whose 63 points were garnered from her participation in about 11 events in which she was always somewhere among the top three competitors. She won the 100m and the 800m.

Coach Ryan Leacock was pleased with the efforts of his athletes and also confident about his charges doing well at the imminent Barbados Secondary Schools Athletics Championship.

He told Barbados TODAY they had been training since last term and also noted that several of the children belonged to clubs outside the school and were therefore getting in the necessary preparation. He said it would all come down to how they performed on the day of competition but he was confident about the school’s chances.

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