Good Morning, Panorama!

A 2016 Crop Over soca hit by Barbados’ own, Peter Ram, will feature prominently in the Pan Trinbago/NLCB National Panorama Semifinals in Trinidad and Tobago this weekend.

Good Morning was chosen by six groups including defending champions Desperadoes. The other bands playing the popular tune are Republic Bank Exodus, BPTT Renegades, Skiffle, MHTL Starlift and Petrotrin Katzenjammers.

Songwriter and co-producer, Jovan James, is the musical heavyweight behind the wildly-popular song brought to life by Ram. The soca hit has had the entire region rocking since Crop Over last July-August.

With the track’s appeal continually expanding, James and Ram unleashed the ‘Trinbago’ version as it shows no sign of slowing down.

Ram is currently in Trinidad and Tobago where he recently performed the same song in the International Soca Monarch semifinals. He appeared at number  16.

The other Bajans who performed in the competition were Marvay, Marzville, Biggie Irie, and King Bubba.

Bands in the Panorama competition will perform in the following order.


· Republic Bank Exodus     Good Morning

· Caribbean Airlines Invaders     Full Extreme

· BPTT Renegades     Good Morning

· Skiffle     Good Morning

· Phase II Pan Groove

in Assoc with HADCO       Red, White & Black

· NGC La Brea Nightingales       We Are Conquerors

· Birdsong       Pan Kingdom

· Desperadoes       Good Morning

· PCS Nitrogen Silver Stars       We Are Conquerors

· FCB Supernovas       Rumble In The Jungle

· MHTL Starlift       Good Morning

· NLCB Fonclaire       Panorama Soldier

· T&TEC Tropical Angel Harps     Single

· Massy Trinidad All Stars       Full Extreme


· Sforzata       Ducking

· NGC Couva Joylanders       Band of the Year

· NGC Steel Xplosion       Wet Me Down

· Arima Angel Harps       Far From Finished

· Pan-Demonium       Cheers To Life

· Curepe Scherzando       Stranger

· Petrotrin Katzenjammers       Good Morning

· Courts Sound Specialists

of Laventille                   Dangerous

· NLCB Valley Harps       Total Disorder

· Western Stars Philharmonics     Stranger

· NLCB Buccooneers       Rhythm Run Ting

· Pamberi       Gee Gee Ree

· Pan Elders                   Roti and Talkarie

· Melodians                   Umbaya

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  1. North Point February 10, 2017 at 9:17 am

    “all ah we” “Good morning”


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