Four receive honours

Three outstanding Barbadians were yesterday presented belatedly with their Insignia of the National Honours and Awards and the Barbados Jubilee Honour 2016, while one received the Governor General’s Award.

During a brief ceremony at Government House, Governor General Sir Elliott Belgrave presented Rosemary Betty Hope-Gittens with the Silver Crown of Merit, awarded her in 2014, for her contribution to the promotion of Barbados in Canada.

Governor General Sir Elliott Belgrave presents Rosemary Betty Hope-Gittens with the Silver Crown of Merit.

Former principal of the Barbados Workers’ Union Labour College, Ulric Sealy, who was recognized in 2016 for his contribution to the trade union movement, was also presented with a Silver Crown of Merit.

Governor General Sir Elliott Belgrave presents Ulric Sealy with the Silver Crown of Merit.

Retired chartered accountant Kenneth Hewitt received the Barbados Jubilee Honour he was awarded in 2016, in recognition of his contribution to business in Barbados.

Governor General Sir Elliott Belgrave greets Kenneth Hewitt before awarding him the Barbados Jubilee Honour.

In addition, Sir Elliott presented Commander Errington Shurland, who recently retired after a 33-year career with the Barbados Defence Force (BDF), with a Silver Medal of Honour.

Sir Elliott Belgrave pins the Governor General’s Silver Medal of Honour on Commander Errington Shurland.

“This award is given at the Governor General’s discretion, in recognition of Commander Shurland’s long, meritorious and distinguished service to the BDF and Barbados,” the Governor General stated.

2 Responses to Four receive honours

  1. Anthony sealy February 9, 2017 at 5:06 pm

    Nice one cuz

  2. MIIB February 10, 2017 at 9:44 am

    What is the purpose of this man? Please enlighten me. What value does he bring to the taxpayer, I smile when I see readers getting analytical over their tax dollars when it is blown left right and centre.

    A prehistoric, disturbingly ugly relic from colonial imperialistic times?

    Listen and take heed, the youths of today cares nothing about no GG. Visit Primary schools, get braver and engage a little higher up the educational ladder, go a secondary school and engage with 3rd, 4th and 5th formers. They don’t even know his name. Who is he? We live in a society where the political elite are so detached from the community its amazing.

    As with the rest of the world Bim is progressing to a performance-related pay or pay for performance culture which is making its way into our economic system. Everything is target driven. How is this critter allowed to escape with our hard earned Tax Payers Dollars for doing nothing, putting on a suit going to our ancestors at 100, drinking a juice, smiling, eating big food, and travelling about the place and fitting in on special occasions. Then I see people in here making noise bout them tax money being used inadequately. We take care of our own ancestors and don’t need you to come bout when she is hundred with a plagiarised computer generated letter.

    I am not saying special recognition needs to be ignored but that needs to be a remit of some minister.

    Is there not a minister to accommodate this role and then Owen want attack Post Offices in his cost cutting drives. We are severely top heavy. How many MP’s for 166? How much are they being paid, and audacity to want back money, as a member of parliament i would gladly take a pay cut for my people but thats not living in the real world of Port St Charles, boats, chef table and clinking of gasses for serious Crystal or DP drinkers…….

    Recession, Cost cutting initiatives, we hear them constantly barking about fiscal policy yet as a Government you waste the most, don’t matter B/D/N/LP all the same and we the poor man pay for your mess ups continually. Whilst we have sardine, rice and lemonade you on filet mignon cooked blue and Châteauneuf-du-Pape 1972.

    Bestow fake titles on behalf of the ….. who cares little if you peasants live, breed or die. We don’t need no representative of a system that lynched us, robbed us, belittled us, force fed us religious lies in European dogma which has infiltrated every home, broken our cultural, societal and martial traditions, broken our families, ensured we remained illiterate and last on the racial scale, destroyed our legacy, increased our mortality rate, raped our women, sodomised our men and we constantly reminded by you. I surmise that your a parasite on the system jus like a tick.

    You so keen to visit our ancestors you must have been to the unmarked graves in Newton. Maybe you been to the platform where we sold like cattle in Queens Park or visited the many plantations and said an ises in front the many great trees where we swung for penannce. Selective amnesia, its not contagious.

    A touch of respect as I mentioned this before and readers called me names and came at me with such a level of ferocity. A different generation Barbados has been birthed and all this new party rah rah we aint scared to get involved on a political level. We have countless trained young financial advisors, political scientists, consultants trained and all them seeing is amber light. Experience you say wonder how you got yours?

    Take time with your prehistoric colonial system…….you take time….



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