Brother of murder victim testifies about gun deal

A man who watched his older brother die when an alleged gun deal went horribly wrong, today gave details of what occurred on the night six years ago.

Christopher Ashby gave evidence in the murder trial in which 27-year-old Damien Lecoursey Reveira, of 4th Avenue New Orleans, St Michael, is accused of killing his brother, Anderson, on October 9, 2010.

The 31-year-old was fatally shot in the left side of the chest while at Belfield, Black Rock, St Michael.

The court heard from Christopher that he wanted to purchase a gun and spoke to his cousin Derek Springer, whom he calls Omar, about it.

He said he met with Springer on October 8, 2010 in Broad Street, The City, and two other men were in the vehicle in which his cousin was travelling.

Answering questions posed by Principal Crown Counsel Elwood Watts, Christopher said he left Bridgetown in the vehicle and went to Fairfield, Black Rock where he met with Dario Herbert.

“We saw it [the gun] . . . . and me, Omar and Herbert, we discussed a price . . . [We] reached an agreement of $1,000,” he testified. “We arranged that we will meet up later . . . and buy it.”

However, he said he did not have all the money, so he went home to Church Hill Road, Christ Church and spoke with his brother.

“I discussed with my brother, Andy, [and we] came to an agreement that we will put together the money and get it,” he said.

He added that he then contacted his cousin, Springer, via phone, and he later collected them.

They headed back to Fairfield, met with Herbert and the money was paid up front, even though they had to go to another location to collect.

Christopher said they drove to a playing field after 9 p.m. and Herbert told him “it was on the benches”.

He said Herbert went ahead of them and “spoke to somebody” and “spot a cell phone [light]” to count the money.

“I said to myself, ‘very much people counting [this] money’.”

Christopher said a man wearing a white shirt then walked off to the pavilion side of the field and came back with a gun in his hand.

The witness said the man made a motion to pass the firearm to his brother, who was standing approximately two feet behind him.

As he tried to turn to see what was taking place, he realized that “someone was locking off my hand”. He later identified that person as Herbert.

“Somebody pushed a gun in my belly . . . told me ‘don’t move’. At the same time, my brother was scuffling with two other persons,” Christopher testified. “Some shots were fired in the direction my brother and the others were scuffling in.”

He explained that he held the gun that was in his stomach and moved it but two shots were discharged and he “was grazed . . . to my left.”

Christopher then looked for his brother whom he had last seen standing not too far away from him.

“My brother wasn’t there. He was further off and I noticed that the guy [in the white shirt] and Herbert ran off,” he testified, adding that five to six shots were fired that night.

Christopher also admitted that he could only identify those whom he went to the playing field with, including Herbert, and “partially” the man who held him at gunpoint.

“I shout for my brother . . . I noticed that he was laying on the ground flat on his back. When I checked on him I realized that [his] left side was soaked with blood,” Christopher said.

He then dragged his brother to the road and ran to a house for help. He said a lady responded and Anderson was taken into the house where he died.

Asked by Watts what became of Springer, Christopher responded: “Before what really happen, happened, Omar ran off. I see Omar jumping over de fence . . . and drove off.”

He said he never received a gun that night, neither did he get back his $1,000.

When he was cross-examined by defence attorney Andrew Pilgrim, QC, Christopher admitted that he did not know who had shot his brother.

“Well, at that point in time I didn’t know,” he said.

The case continues tomorrow with Madam Justice Jacqueline Cornelius presiding.


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  1. Tony Waterman February 9, 2017 at 2:03 pm

    “If you live by the Sword, you will Die by the Sword”

    I am quite sure that all of them involved in this Deadly Debacle knew all along that they were “Playing with Fire” and that what they were doing was ILLEGAL.

    so why all the Tears now????

    My sincere hope now, is that the Departed will rest in Peace.


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