PRO quits

In what appears to be a bitter breakup, singer and television producer Jamal Slocombe and the Barbados Film and Video Association (BFVA) have parted ways, less than two months after Slocombe took up the post as the organization’s spokesman.

Slocombe’s short-lived relationship with the association officially ended Tuesday, February 7, after he was forced to resign as public relations officer (PRO).

In an e-mail sent by BFVA Secretary Shamar Prescod on behalf of the president Damien Pinder, Slocombe was asked to quit with immediate effect to “allow us to place someone in this position who is able to execute the duties required”.

In an apparent reference to Slocombe’s involvement in a recent mass casualty accident, Prescod made reference to “personal issues” which resulted in the spokesman being “unable to discharge” his duties.

However, it suggested that the association could not be allowed to suffer as a result.

“I understand that you have been dealing with a lot of personal issues [and] other responsibilities. However, the situation is causing harm to [the] association. Your continued absence from meetings, non-participation in group chat and lack of any marketing activity on your part has raised a lot of concern by members of the Board,” the email stated.

Prescod reminded the young man that the board’s mandate was to provide “better representation and increase public knowledge” of the organization and its members”, and that it needed “a strong [and] visible” PRO.

Still, it said, the decision was nothing personal, and Slocombe was welcomed to contribute when he felt better.

“Please do not take this request as a personal assault on yourself. In fact, should you settle your personal matters, we would greatly appreciate your input on any of the projects we will be putting into the works throughout the year.”

Slocombe’s response was immediate and emphatic, slamming the grouping for suggesting he was not strong enough to perform the role, and questioning Prescod’s “knowledge of my capabilities”.

The 19-year-old had initially refused to resign, but changed his mind after thinking things through over the weekend, he told Barbados TODAY.

A member of the organization for four years, Slocombe said there were “too many discrepancies among the voices” within the BFVA and charged that the leadership had “yet to get its act together”.

“It is my belief that there are still a number of issues which need to be address and a call for my resignation is a clear attempt to have their own political sway, given that one of the members of the new political party . . . is the treasurer of the association. I believe this is a cause for concern with the actual leadership of the organization,” he said.

In addition, the teenager said, the demand for his resignation was a display of “a lack of consideration and understanding for personal circumstances” he was going through, and had “bulldozed” his attempts to help bridge any gap between the young and old in the film and video industry.

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