Go-between in gun sale testifies

The murder trial of Damien Lecoursey Reveira entered its third day with Principal Crown Counsel Elwood Watts calling three more witnesses to the stand.

Reveira, 27, of 4th Avenue, New Orleans, St Michael, is accused of the October 9, 2010 murder of Anderson Ashby.

Ashby lost his life after an alleged gun deal turned deadly at the play park in Belfield, Black Rock, St Michael.

Reveira, who is represented by Andrew Pilgrim, QC, was allegedly on the team selling the firearm and Ashby on the purchaser’s end.

This morning, Derek Springer who drove Anderson and his brother Christopher to the point of sale admitted that he left the two – both of them his cousins – at the location when “shots began to beat off”.

Springer was driving a white Toyota that night. He told the No. 5 Supreme Court he knew Dario Herbert wanted to sell a firearm and that Christopher wanted to purchase one.

“I let the two know what was going on,” Springer disclosed, saying sale arrangements were subsequently made.

He recalled that on the night of October 9, 2010, Christopher and Anderson were with him, as well as Romonde Cadogan, and they later met up with Herbert.

However, the location of the purchase was changed, and they ended up going to the Belfield pasture.

“I collect Anderson and Christopher from home and went to Dario’s house . . . [Cadogan was left behind] then [we] went to Belfield . . . . When we went to the bench we saw some guys there,” Springer told the court, adding that one of the three men they saw walked away before returning.

“Two of the fellas came . . . one had a long gold chain on his neck and a hat on his head,” explained Springer, who revealed that an argument then ensued.

“One asked, ‘wha really going on here?’ [and] I ask, ‘what going on here like wha?’” the witness testified, adding that it was at that point that he realized something was wrong.

He said a man pointed a gun at his head but he pushed it off.

“I start to run [because] shots started to beat off . . . Shots was firing,” Springer said.

He said he did not know whether his cousin Christopher, the deceased Ashby, or anyone else had a gun. He also told court in response to questions from Watts that he did not know who fired the shots that night.

“Everything happen fast,” Springer told the court.

“I got into my car, drove to Fairfield, [picked up Cadogan] and drove home.”

Asked by the Crown’s representative what happened to the Ashby brothers whom he had driven to Belfield, Springer answered: “I left them there.”

He also admitted under cross-examination by Pilgrim that while Herbert went to the location with him, he did not know whether he had shot the deceased.

Cadogan also took the stand today. He admitted that he left home with Springer but said he knew nothing about a gun transaction.

He said Springer left with Christopher, Anderson and Omar, but later returned alone and was “acting afraid”.

Herbert also gave testimony today but, like Cadogan, he told the court he knew nothing about the purchase of a firearm or going to Belfield on the night of October 9.

The matter was then adjourned until tomorrow when the Crown is expected to call four more witnesses.

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  1. hcalndre February 7, 2017 at 5:06 am

    This case is almost 6 1/2 years, in a small town like barbados that case should been tried 5 years ago unless the accused were not apprehended until 1 year ago.

  2. jrsmith February 7, 2017 at 6:58 am

    All of them need putting in prison…….


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