JAMAICA – Mother of seven brutally stabbed

KINGSTON –– Residents in Hampton Court, St Thomas say they are still trying to come to terms with the brutal killing of 36-year-old bartender Kerron Peckoo, last Monday.

Peckoo, a mother of seven, was stabbed repeatedly and her throat slashed by someone she is said to have known as she made her way from work around 11:30 pm. She was rushed to hospital where she was pronounced dead.

The house where Kerron Peckoo and her seven children lived.

The Golden Grove police have since charged Peckoo’s boyfriend, 29-year-old Kirlew Ellis, for her murder. He is scheduled to appear in court on Wednesday.

“I had just talked to her minutes before it happened. She was telling me about the guy and how him threatened to kill her. I said to her ‘Dont take it light enuh’ because I had an incident like that at my house here and my baby father hang himself,” Peckoos neighbour told the Jamaica Observer North East when a team visited the community last week.

“Mi pass her by di bar and she call to me and seh ‘June ya go round?’ Mi seh yeah and come up here. Mi lay down and bout fi drop asleep but mi hear some noise but it didn’t sound like it was coming from where the thing happen. But because is me alone deh home, I never bother look. Mi lay down back and still hear the noise.

“Likkle while after mi hear like two man a walk a come up so mi look out and seh ‘a wah gwaan?’ dem seh somebody stab her up. Mi catch ague fever same time the way how mi a tremble,” the woman explained.

She said the community has been shaken by the murder of the woman whom she described as jovial and trustworthy.

Evidence of the gruesome killing was still visible mere metres away from Peckoo’s home where bloodstains marred the walkway. “Member mi tell yuh seh it shake, it shake, it shake the community. Is the first something like this happening here and mi born and grow here and I’m 60 this year,” she said.

Other residents nearby were still puzzled about the killing, having interacted with Peckoo only minutes before she met her demise.

Di whole community shake up. We feeling very bad bout it. A over three, four days and wi cyah get over it. The whole a wi and her are friends. A right here suh mi jerk chicken and she pass mi di night and turn down inna di lane.

“Likkle after mi hear a sound and mi see a guy run off, same time mi run off and when mi reach one of her twin daughters seh, ‘Kirlew cut out mommy belly’. The guy weh reach before mi seh when him ask her who do her suh she seh ‘Kirlew,’” resident Dillion Kelly told the Observer.

Kelly described Peckoo as ambitious and stated that she did whatever she could to make her children comfortable.

“It hurt all a wi fi know seh somebody do her like that. Wi love her because she have ambition and she try and wi like to see di turnaround that she make; she looked different because of her ambition in the last few months,” he said, as others nodded in agreement.

The residents say a vigil will be held for Peckoo later this week.

Source: (Jamaica Observer)

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  1. tony Michael February 7, 2017 at 1:16 pm

    Total Fool! Now his life is shattered. Can’t these men learn to walk away?


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