Brady leads Patriots to historic comeback win

For the Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady, it was a stunning ending to a season that ended in redemption and possibly cemented his position as the greatest player of all time. Brady, arguably the most famous athlete in the US, had missed the first four games of the season due to a suspension for his part in the Deflategate scandal . On his return, he led the Patriots on a charge towards their fifth Super Bowl title in remarkable circumstances.

Tom Brady celebrates his fifth Super Bowl victory.

“We all brought each other back,” said Brady of his team-mates after the game. “We never felt out of it. It was a tough battle. They have a great team, I give them a lot of credit. We just made a few more plays than them.”


Matt Ryan contemplates a cruel defeat to the Patriots
Matt Ryan contemplates a cruel defeat to the Patriots.

The game had been billed as the experience and wile of Brady and his head coach Bill Belichick against the explosive offence of the Falcons, led by Matt Ryan and the extravagantly talented wide receiver Julio Jones. But the high-scoring contest nearly every expert had predicted refused to emerge and the first quarter ended scoreless – the two best quarterbacks in the league this season had managed just 59 yards of passing between them.  (Guardian)

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