Schools win cash for bags

Two primary schools walked away with a total of $13 000 from Nicholls Baking Company Inc. yesterday, after beating 27 other public primary schools, six secondary schools, four private schools and one nursery school in the Win Ca$h 4 Bags competition.

The initiative, which started on October 24, 2016 and ran until January 31, 2017, was carried out by the baking company in association with the Future Centre Trust (FCT), and done in celebration of the island’s 50th anniversary independence.

Students were encouraged to collect specially marked salt bread bags. The winning schools were the ones that collected the most bags.

West Terrace Primary School walked away with the first prize of $8 000 after collecting 2,510 of the bags, and the second prize of $5 000 went to Charles F Broome Memorial Primary.

There was no third place winner since the other schools took in less than the 1,000 bags required to be qualified.

Just over 45 000 of the specially marked bags were collected by all the school children.

Managing director of Nicholls Baking Co. Ltd, McDonald Nicholls, said he was pleased with the response, adding that the competition was designed for the company to “give back” to schools, while encouraging students to recycle and keep their surroundings clean.

(From left) Managing director of Nicholls Baking Co Ltd McDonald Nicholls presenting Rhys Burnham
of the West Terrace Primary School and his principal Beverley Burrowes with their winning prize.

The FCT will take all the bags collected to B’s Recycling.

“The kids were very enthusiastic. They were all in, which is good. Some schools were smaller so they could not generate the number of bags that would challenge the winners or the second place, but overall we were pleased with the response and that is why we decided we will do it again,” said Nicholls, who indicated the competition would become an annual one for the company.

The FCT’s advocacy director Kammie Holder lauded the baking company for the initiative, saying it would go a long way in helping to reduce the amount of plastics being taken to the landfill.

Advocacy director of the Future Centre Trust Kammie Holder (right) with the first and second place winners in the Ca$h 4 Bags competition: Shaquan King-Leon (left) and Joshua Callender (second right) from Charles F Broome Memorial and Rhys Burnham of the West Terrace Primary School.

He said that with Barbadians using between 100 million and 150 million plastic bags per year, any effort to dispose of them properly would help protect the environment.

“Many of you may not be aware that plastic bags are also recycled and B’s Recycling exports as much as 63 tonnes of plastic bags on a monthly basis,” disclosed Holder.

Principal of the West Terrace Primary Beverley Burrowes said the school’s winnings would go toward the implementation of a library resource project.

Meanwhile, Charles F Broome Memorial Primary’s principal Dr Monica Walton said the money won by the students would be used to establish a “reduce, reuse, recycle” programme, with the help of the FCT.

(From right) Principal of the Charles F Broome Memorial School Dr Monica Walton and students Shaquan King-Leon and Jashua Callender collecting their second place prize from accounts assistant at Nicholls Baking Co. Ltd, Owkar Bibby.

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  1. Sheron Inniss
    Sheron Inniss February 4, 2017 at 3:18 pm

    Will someone tell me how this will help decrease the ills in Barbados? No pun intended.


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