Positive messages

Students across the island are being educated on the power of choice, through a series of positive messages displayed on television screens throughout their schools.

The goal of the project, conceptualized by managing director of the Power of Choice and Free Mind Institute Errol Griffith, and managing director of Screenplay Advertising Shane Lewis, is to change individual’s thoughts and reactions, through an abundance of positive and encouraging messages.

(From left) Principal of the Christ Church Foundation School Robert Cumberbatch, Minister of Education Ronald Jones; managing director of Power of Choice and Free Mind Institute Errol Griffith, Managing Director of Screenplay Advertising Shane Lewis, St Leonard’s Boys’ principal Joseph Maynard cut the ribbon to launch the Power Of Choice Screen Network.

“I am responsible for my every thought, every word, every action and every feeling”; and “I cannot control anyone or anything outside of me” are some of the messages plastered on the walls and doors of the schools.

The educational institutions involved in the project include Princess Margaret Secondary School, Christ Church Foundation School, Darryl Jordan Secondary School, Queen’s College, St Leonard’s Boys’ School, and Charles F Broome Memorial Primary School.

The students of the St Leonard’s Boys’ School display the positive messages promoted by the Power of Choice. 

Griffith said the Power of Choice initiative “is to begin in Barbados [and] move all throughout the Caribbean”.

The launch of the Power Of Choice screen network at the St Leonard’s Boys’ School was attended by Minister of Education, Science and Technology Ronald Jones; principal of the Christ Church Foundation School Robert Cumberbatch; and Joseph Maynard, principal of St Leonard’s Boys’.

Jones encouraged the students in attendance to adhere to the messages and think before they act, reject the cycle of “court to Dodds and Dodds to court” and have higher aspirations.

“There are those who are concerned that some of our boys are not really buckling down to who they can be. . . . They have great minds and skills, and they should be developing great attitudes and behaviours to go along with those things, but somehow they are being persuaded by others,” he said.

“Take the time to think, take the time to respond, and sometimes a little second can change the entire circumstance of your behaviour and your reaction.”

Expressing support for the power of choice and rational thought, the Minister of Education urged the boys to read the messages and make the right decisions.

“I am encouraging you young men . . . the future of this great nation, to be receptive to the power of choice. I cannot control anyone or anything outside of myself, so if I control myself, if every single individual controls himself or herself then the dynamic impact, the collective impact will be brilliant.

Start to control yourselves and then when you have that exponentially spreading across Barbados, this country will be greater than it currently is.”

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  1. Jai Khan
    Jai Khan February 4, 2017 at 12:19 pm

    I take great issue with this Power of Choice campaign because of all of the interviews aired during the CBC evening news, the only child who seems to understand what external influences can represent is the Foundation Head Boy. All of the others make me wonder. How can you tell a child that they cannot influence anyone but themselves when each day we see what peer pressure can do? Someone really needs to get revisit that campaign strategy before our children are given the wrong information.
    We need to work on building our children’s confidence instead of presenting information in the wrong way. Too many of those children interviewed have indicated that their impression of the campaign was similar so I don’t think that I’m wrong here.. But again it’s only my humble opinion


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