Deadly transaction


Two witnesses testified today when the murder trial of Damien Lecoursey Reveira continued today.

Reveira, 27, of 4th Avenue, New Orleans, St Michael, is accused of the October 9, 2010 murder of Anderson Ashby.

Ashby lost his life after an alleged gun deal turned deadly at the play park in Belfield, Black Rock, St Michael. Reveira, who is represented by Andrew Pilgrim, QC, was allegedly selling the firearm while Ashby was one of two purchasers.

However, when they met on the night, money was handed over but there was no product.

The situation resulted in gunshots being fired and Ashby was hit by a bullet that took his life.

According to an autopsy, the bullet penetrated his back and exited through the left side of his chest.

His body was found in the front room of Shanelle Gooding’s home, which was located opposite the park.

Gooding took the witness stand today, and recalled what took place that night.

She told the court presided over by Madam Justice Jacqueline Cornelius that she had returned home from a football match just after 11 p.m. when she heard a loud noise.

“[It sounded like] something backfiring
. . . [then] I heard some more explosions,” said Gooding who revealed that she later came to the conclusion that what she heard was gunshots.

She said she then heard what sounded like someone running and then a car “pulling off”.

Gooding said she went to the window and looked outside.

“It was very dark . . . I was only seeing a cell phone light moving . . . It had a bluish hue so I thought it was the light of a cell phone . . . . Then it started to move towards me,” she said.

Gooding said a man then came through the park’s gate, looked left and right and approached her house.

“Ma’am, please help . . . don’t let my brother die . . . call the police . . . call the ambulance . . . call for help,’” the man told her.

She explained that she did place the calls and moved into the patio as she did so, and it was within that space of time that she noticed the man had “dragged his brother . . . from the pasture, across the road and into the patio”, even as he again asked for help.

Everything happened quickly, she said, and it was the man’s pronouncement that “someone might be coming back” that prompted her to try and close her front door.

However, the injured man was in the way.

“I wanted to close the door . . . so he held the right hand and I held the left and pull the body inside [the house],” Gooding testified.

When the Principal Crown Counsel Elwood Watts showed the witness a photo of Ashby lying on his back just inside her front door, it proved to be too much for her. She began crying and had to take a few moments to compose herself.

Sergeant Carlos Lindo, who was the crime scene investigator that night, also gave evidence today on what was found during his probe, including a 9 mm firearm which contained a single bullet and a magazine with 13 rounds of ammunition.

The case continues on Monday.

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