Brewster’s pleas for help unanswered

A 38-year-old Christ Church man will spend nine months at HMP Dodds for theft and drug-related offences.

Sean Christopher Ian Brewster of Bartlett Tenantry, Sargeant’s Village was sentenced by Magistrate Kristie Cuffy-Sargeant after he failed to convince her that he should be given a chance to change his life.

Brewster admitted to stealing four credit cards and two debit cards belonging to Michael Agard sometime between October 7 and 8, 2016; stealing a $200 tablet, a $30 flash drive, a $20 tool set, an $80 Wi-Fi device and US$30 belonging to Oliver Alleyne on November 27 last year. He also owned up to possession of apparatus for the misuse of cocaine.

However, he denied entering Bonita Khan’s house with intent to steal on November 28.

Brewster had pleaded not guilty to all the charges when he made his first court appearance back in December.

Cuffy-Sargeant heard the facts from prosecutor Sergeant Janice Ifill yesterday before she imposed her sentence.

In the case of the theft of Agard’s property, the court heard that the complainant had parked his vehicle near his residence, leaving the items inside. He went into the house, but later heard a noise coming from the driveway. When Agard looked out, he saw Brewster coming from the rear of the vehicle. He pursued Brewster but was unable to catch him.

Agard then checked his vehicle and discovered the items missing and called police.

Brewster was arrested sometime later and admitted to the offence.

In the case of the cocaine apparatus, police, responding to a report at Khan’s home, saw Brewster lying on the floor in the laundry room. A search was conducted of his person after he was asked why he was in the house. The drug paraphernalia was found during the search.

Alleyne’s property, meanwhile, was taken from his vehicle which he parked in the Christ Church area.

“Ma’am, I sorry for the crimes that I commit against the complainants. At this stage in my life, I want to do something . . . I have a serious problem with drugs. I am a man that don’t do this type of foolishness when I not on drugs, Ma’am, and I would like some serious help,” Brewster told the magistrate.

“If I can be given the opportunity, I will do anything. This ain’t me; I am a better person.”

However, after taking a look at Brewster’s court record which showed similar antecedents, the magistrate sentenced him to two nine-month prison terms to run concurrently.

He returns to court on March 1 on the charge to which he pleaded not guilty.

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