Bye, bye, Boo

Hundreds bid Husbands farewell

Adrian Boo Husbands has gone home to meet his father, and while his voice is now silenced and his talent is no more, the music and the great legacy he left behind will forever live on.

That was the sentiment of the hundreds who turned up to say a final farewell to the veteran entertainer who died nearly two weeks ago at the age of 54.

A section of the entertainment fraternity, including saxophonist Arturo Tappin (left) and other local musicians who turned out today to celebrate the life of Adrian Boo Husbands.

A wide cross-section of prominent figures in the entertainment industry showed up today at the New Dimensions Church in Barbarees Hill, St Michael to pay their final respects in a four-and-half-hour long service to the man from whom they all had learnt in some way.

The tributes were glowing, the accolades were many, and the memories were quite fond.

While there were no mourning colours as family and friends chose to celebrate his life, many were still moved to tears as they reflected on the life of a man who had touched many lives and was always the life of the party.

Even in death, Boo stayed true to his nature, bringing together persons from all walks of life, including the choir which on any given day would have been near perfect. It included Jan Keizer, Faith Callender, Alicia Yarde-Collins, Terencia TC Coward-Thompson, Biggie Irie and many others.

Promoter Gilbert Rowe (left) was among those paying tribute to the late Boo Husbands today.

Opposition Leader Mia Mottley was among those paying tribute and described Husbands as “the best director of culture that was never appointed by any Government”. The congregation agreed.

Mottley was moved to tears as she described the music aficionado’s love, spirit and passion for his profession and the things he cared about.

Boo was about St Joseph and he was about Bajans. He always used to say something I loved, ‘we is we,’” she said.

Former Member of Parliament Elizabeth Thompson said she was still having trouble coming to grips with the passing of her dear friend, but she chose to remember the fun times they had and how he valued people over possessions.

His son Kyle Walkes, in delivering a moving eulogy, remembered his father as a man who loved to crack a good joke and always gave the best advice.

Boo’s son Kyle Walkes delivering the eulogy.

“He had an uncanny knack for knowing when you were down or needed advice without you saying anything. He would always know when you were going through something. I remember one night I was in Trinidad and I was having a tough time, the next morning I woke up around 3 a.m. and I saw a text from my father at about 2:49. They were just words of encouragement and I didn’t know how he knew I needed it,” he said.

Walkes read an excerpt from a letter his father had given him on his 18th birthday., “Dare to dream, and when you dream big dreams, follow them through. Be true to yourself always and to others be fair. Never trample on the less fortunate in pursuit of selfishness or greed. Use the talents that God has given you to their fullest so that you can help yourself and to help others bearing in mind that the good you do will be returned to you and your offspring. Keep this and refer to it for inspiration.

Chief Justice Sir Marston Gibson consoling Boo’s widow Anthea.

“When I am gone, read it again and pass it on to you offspring and down to the generations, which I hope will follow. Stand up for what you believe in and fight for those causes which you are sure are worthy. It is better to die standing and fighting than to live crawling, begging and running,” he read.

During the service there were musical tributes by the band Coalishun, Nicholas Brancker and Black Orchid, all of whom Boo would have had some association with over the years.

Boo’s body was cremated during a private ceremony following the service.

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