‘Nasty’ image of politics keeping youths out

The image of politics as “nasty”, “sordid” and the battlefield of dishonest people is turning young people away from the profession, a former candidate for the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) is charging.

Delivering the weekly DLP lunchtime lecture at the party’s George Street, Belleville, St Michael headquarters today, Derek Alleyne said while many young people wanted a change to the current state of politics, they were turned off by the dishonesty and nastiness involved.

“[There was a perception that politics is] a nasty game, that it was a sordid game, that it was something that honest people should not take seriously,” Alleyne said in his presentation on Politics, Politicians: Public Perception and Realities.

Despite this perception, the unsuccessful DLP candidate in the 1994 and 1999 general elections was of the view that parents should encourage their children to get involved in politics.

“We do not encourage our kids to get involved . . . and I know that [among] some of the kids of the former ministers there is a perception that they get battered so much as children and see the way their parents are treated and things that are said about them that they get turned off,” he explained.

However, the director of the Urban Development Commission warned the alternative was people without character and those whose only interest was getting in power.

“If we leave it to those people we will get worse and the quality of politicians will continue to receive the same [bad] reviews,” he said.

Alleyne contended that Prime Minister Freundel Stuart had discounted all those perceptions by his “exemplary” behaviour and was a role model for the youth, adding Stuart was not quick to make statements “without consequentially thinking about what the future holds”.

And while he said there were a number of other exemplary officials within the DLP administration, Alleyne declined to name anyone else.

“In Prime Minister Stuart we have a politician of exemplary class, taste, fashion and behaviour and I think all of us should be proud to have Freundel Stuart as Prime Minister of Barbados,” Alleyne declared.

“For the first time in a long while we have a Prime Minister who no one can speak of tyranny, who no one can accuse of any wrongdoing, whose life is an example for any young man or young woman, who carries himself with distinction.” The former labour union official also used the opportunity to question the readiness of the Opposition Barbados Labour Party (BLP) for the upcoming general election constitutionally due next year.

Alleyne said while declaring it was ready with “a handful of economists and a handful of nobodies” the BLP was faced with the challenge of losing key people such as former Prime Minister Owen Arthur and Dr Maria Agard.

Stressing that each constituency was different, Alleyne also called on Barbadians to stop chastising politicians for not visiting their communities, stating this was something that was done when people did not have televisions or when there were no constituency offices. 

6 Responses to ‘Nasty’ image of politics keeping youths out

  1. Bajan boy January 28, 2017 at 3:17 am

    Derek it is perpetuated and elevated to new levels by your friends. Having realized that did you ask thePM for help to change it or did you offer any??? DLP should really shut up,give up (FULLY) and go home…WE ARE ASHAMED OF COUNTRY BECAUSE OF YOU..DEMS .

  2. jrsmith January 28, 2017 at 6:55 am

    Why would young people want to be politicians , for what they see going on in barbados and the region, the rudeness fro politicians , the hostile behaviour ,the dishonesty , the untrustworthiness and the big picture corruption..
    Why its always that that young people need role model , if I was young again , I would be trying to follow (Rhinna)..

    Mr, Alleyne and his political friends, should go into a large room with large mirrors , and talk face to face with themselves asking and seeing if they would be able to honestly answer themselves.

  3. Sunshine Sunny Shine January 28, 2017 at 8:26 am

    Politics is not nasty. So please get your facts straight. What exist in Barbados is a concerted effort by the DLP and BLP to prosper,their humble positions, for some, to elevations where they can be recognized as having arrived. That is why most of them if not all strut their arrogance. It is the reason why the system remains non accountable. And, it is the reason why all the Toms, Dicks, Harrys and Sallys, want their cut of the cake. Barbados is on its bending knees, and take a good look at who is standing tall.

  4. Lilian Lloyd
    Lilian Lloyd January 28, 2017 at 9:09 am


  5. Johnathan January 28, 2017 at 9:37 am

    Sunshine Sunny shine agree all the so called Johnnies come late who never had and it sure does not start from the bottom..

  6. Tom January 28, 2017 at 3:51 pm

    ” Alleyne also called on Barbadians to stop chastising politicians for not visiting their communities, stating this was something that was done when people did not have televisions or when there were no constituency offices” What arrogance and indifference. Is this gentleman not aware of many problems encountered by constituents when trying to contact their Parliamentary representatives as a result of dysfunctional constituency offices / Personal Assistants? Some are very badly managed. Offices are seldom manned and operations tend to be hit and miss.There is no response to voice messages. emails etc With the use of Modern technology it should afford the Parliamentarian more time to be personally engaged and be seen in his /her constituency and not less.
    I am not aware of any Television programme specific to any local community on which the parliamentarian could be kept informed on issues peculiar to that community. After all we are talking about very small geographical areas with ease of access and small numbers of constituents to deal with We should not encourage remoteness . What is wrong with getting out there and meeting personally with constituents? Why are we becoming so robotic and remote? In my work, even with an array of the latest in technology at my disposal I was mandated to “WALK THE JOB” and had to see my staff located over 250 miles away from my base on a regular basis .In this the year of Productivity, please Mr Alleyne do not encourage our parliamentarians to do less. Bouquets to all those parliamentarians who continue to rub shoulders with their communities.


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