TRINIDAD – Four killed in road fatalities overnight

PORT OF SPAIN –– Four people, including a mother and her two children, were killed in two road accidents on Thursday night.

Carla Collins, 34, and her children, Camani, eight months old, and Camari, two years old were killed almost instantly in a crash at an intersection along the Churchill Roosevelt Highway in the vicinity of Mausica.

That incident occurred around 10 p.m.

A tow truck moves the vehicle in which a mother and her two children who were killed in a crash were passengers on Thursday night. Police said an alleged drunk driver crashed into their vehicle.

Police said a drunk driver slammed into a vehicle in which Collins and her children were passengers.

Collins’ husband, who was driving the vehicle at the time, is said to be in critical condition at hospital.

Earlier at around 7 p.m. a man was killed in a hit and run crash in Arouca.

The deceased, Crispin Reyes, was struck by a van along Eastern Main Road.

The vehicle did not stop.

An eye witness who contacted the Express said that Reyes seemed to be attempting to cross a road when he was struck by a truck owned by a manufacturing company.

The witness said : “A truck [company name given] was coming down the main road close to Davis Street in Arouca and a man was walking along the pavement.

“And as soon as he put one foot in the road he was struck and [he] fell to the pavement.”

The witness said that it appeared that a passenger in the truck alerted the driver that he struck the pedestrian.

However the driver did not stop.

The four deaths took the road fatality toll to nine.

President of Arrive Alive Sharon Inglefield said that timely implementation of road safety measures by the Government will save lives.

“We look forward to the red light camera detection at these intersections soon to be implemented and already announced by the Minister of Works & Transport Senator Rohan Sinanan.  We welcome this and other measures to save lives! Time is of the essence”, said Inglefield.

Source: (Trinidad Express)

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