Charles F Broome painted blue

This is the four consecutive years that Blue House have ran away with the Inter-house Championship at Charles F. Broome Primary School’s sports day held Friday at the Usain Bolt Sports Complex.

It was a race that went right down to the very end in the points standings with Blue House scoring 863 points to edge out strong contenders Red House 824, followed by the Gold House in third on 818 and the Hulks of Green House on 761.

Victor ludorum Aaron Massiah of Green House edged Rico Alleyne of Red House to win the Under-11 Boys 200m.
Lisanne Maitland was the Under-seven girls division champion for Blue House.

Despite a good effort from Red House whose mantra was ‘Feet on Fire’, they were unable to burn away the power and speed that Blue House brought to the track Friday.

At the lunch interval Blue House led proceedings with a total of 790, Gold Warriors were actually in second on 715, Red House trailed in third position on 692 and Green Hulks were on 673.

An impressive performance from Aaron Massiah of Green House accumulating 71 points, earned him the victor ludorum title. The Under-11 Boys champion won the long jump, high jump, 100m, 200m and 400m but was made to settle for second in the cricket ball throw and fifth in the 800m.

Rico Alleyne of Red House put in a gutsy performance to pull away from Rhamari Walrond of Gold House to anchor his team to victory in the Under11 4X100m relay.
Brianna Catwell of Gold House dismissed the field to win the Under-nine girls 150m.

Ironically the victrix ludorum also hailed from the Under-11 Girls division compliments Nyema Taylor of Red House who amassed 46 points. She was victorious in the 100m, 200m and 400m while placing third in the cricket ball throw and long jump.

The fastest girl at Charles F. Broome is Shonte Moore who came out on top as the Under-13 Girls division champion scoring 38 points for her efforts in winning the 100m and 400m and coming second in the 200m and high jump.

Samara Mayers of Blue House won the egg and spoon battle.
Nathan Burke of Blue House won the Under-nine Boys sack race.

Gold House had something to shout about through Under-13 Boys champion Ramero Pinder. He won the 800m, long jump and cricket ball throw but was second best in the high jump, 200m and 400m for a well deserved 64 points.

The younger divisions also produced some outstanding performances, especially from Under-nine queen Ebony Brathwaite of Blue House who took away top honours with a total of 45 points.

She won the cricket ball throw and long jump and placed second in the 80m, 100m and 150m.

Stephen Allman was the Under-nine king securing 43 points from the long jump, 80m and 150m but was second in the 100m.

Red House might have just missed out on dethroning Blue House at Charles F. Broome but they celebrated winning the tug-o-war with gusto.

The Under-sevens were not left out and Lisanne Maitland topped that category running away with 40 points from the 50m, 80m, second in the obstacle race, fourth in the soft ball throw and fifth in the standing broad jump.

Trevor Bryan of Green House starred in the Under-seven boys age group with wins in the standing broad jump and tennis ball throw.

Bryan’s performances on track included second place in the 50m, 80m and obstacle race, for a total of 45 points.

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