Boscobel carnival a hit

After a difficult year filled with anger and frustration over poor water service, residents of the St Peter community of Boscobel are relieved that this trying experience is finally behind them.

To celebrate the return of running water to their taps, over 90 residents took to the streets of the northern parish last Saturday for St Peter’s first carnival, staged under the theme All A We Is One.

All A We Is One! The resident’s of Boscobel, St Peter made their presence known at the first Boscobel Carnival.

From Diamond Corner to the Boscobel playing field, the cups of revellers were filled with water and rum as they danced to the sweet sounds of soca which blared throughout the normally quiet countryside.

The young and the old were chipping down the road.

The Boscobel carnival, however, was much more than a street parade and jump-up. It was an all-day event meant to rekindle a vibrant community spirit in the once close-knit village.

This couple was gyrating away last year’s grievances.

After the jump-up, residents who did not participate in the street revelry, took the opportunity to take part in various games including football, dominoes and cricket on the Boscobel playing field.

Making the most of the carnival, this couple made sure to squat and go down.

Resident, Sasha Edwards, was the driving force behind the event.

Waving and dancing to the sounds of soca, this reveller celebrated the return of water.

She told Barbados TODAY: “After the water shortages, I find the community became disconnected so we wanted to bring the community back together [and] we decided to do something.”

Striking a pose for the camera, this reveller proudly showcased her All A We is One t-shirt.

Prompted by her 14-year-old daughter Alika Rouse, who suggested the carnival, Edwards then created an eight-member committee which planned the jump-up in merely two months.

“It was disconnected after being without water for so long.

Peep Back! This duo was having a grand time even under the afternoon’s stinging rays.

The community really wanted this to bring us back together,” stressed Edwards.

 Thrilled by the great response from residents, Edwards indicated that a 2018 carnival definitely would be explored.

3 Responses to Boscobel carnival a hit

  1. kathy-Ann Clarke January 26, 2017 at 8:03 am

    Great! to see a community coming together.

  2. Gearbox1964 January 26, 2017 at 10:22 am

    Yeah…but rather than holding a church service to thank God, they choose to worship de devil by wukkin up in the streets. Reminds me of when Moses came down from the mountain with the commandments and found the people partying and worshipping graven images…such behaviour after they were delivered out of bondage in Egypt.

  3. Jennifer January 26, 2017 at 5:44 pm

    @Gearbox1964 – and guess what??? they have been put back into Egypt (bondage) by ships. hahahaha And don’t even know it.


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