No smoking!


A German visitor got a chiding from a Bridgetown Magistrate today after he admitted to cannabis possession.

“Do not come to this island to use drugs,” Magistrate Kristie Cuffy-Sargeant advised Flarain Rolfes who arrived in the country on January 18.

Rolfes, 32, was found with two marijuana cigarettes yesterday in St Lawrence Gap by police who were patrolling the area.

He was seen sitting with a cigarette in an area from which the scent of marijuana emanated.

Rolfes was approached by police who told him they suspected the cigarette was made of an illegal substance. He allegedly told lawmen he was not aware that it was an offence.

In mitigating for leniency on behalf of Rolfes, attorney Anya Lorde told the magistrate that her client arrived in the country with his girlfriend just to enjoy the sand, sea and sun but “now found himself in an unfortunate situation”.

She also pointed to his early guilty plea and his cooperation with police in their investigations.

“Persons coming to our small islands must understand that there are laws in place,” the magistrate pointed out.

“Please do not come to this island and use drugs. It’s bad enough that [some locals do it here] but don’t come here and use drugs. Come, enjoy the sun, sea and sun, but don’t come here and use drugs,” she warned as she ordered Rolfes to pay the court costs in the sum on $1,000.

The fine, which had an alternative eight-month prison term, had to be paid forthwith before Rofles could be released.

It was paid.

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