Need for better waste policy

Based on what was reported in the print media and attributed to Attorney-at-Law Ralph Thorne, I proffer a different opinion in relation to the collection of garbage across Barbados.

While the unsavoury practice of illegal dumping is a major problem, for Mr Thorne to simply say that we buy things, use them, put them in a barrel outside our homes and expect the Sanitation Authority to collect them every day, sometimes twice a day, reflects a poor analysis of the current problems.

There are a number of European countries using approximately half of their waste to generate light and power and a little less than the other half  is recycled, leaving a minimum percentage of waste in landfills.

Sometime around March 2015, a report out of Sweden stated that 47 per cent of waste was recycled and 52 per cent was used to generate heat with one per cent going to the landfills.

Back in 2010, another report gave the following statistics for recyclable waste:  Austria 63 per cent, Germany 62 per cent, Belgium 58 per cent, Holland and Switzerland 51 per cent, England 39 per cent and Ireland 36 per cent.

The point is that policy-makers have not yet arrived at at any highly  productive use of waste materials, whether in the recycling processes or to produce light, power, heating or cooling.

When some or all of the initiatives in other jurisdictions are implemented in Barbados, then we can blame householders for literally messing up.

Until then,  the focus should be on the policy and decision makers for the necessary changes.

Source: Michael Ray

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  1. F.A.Rudder January 24, 2017 at 11:36 am

    I will give you a passing grade on your suggestion Mr Thorne; that Barbados needs to advance its technique with waste disposal handling and reusable energy. It is surprising that such waste as coconut shells and offal were not converted to fertilizers.


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