ITALY – Six killed in rescue helicopter crash

ROME – An emergency helicopter crashed in the mountains of central Italy Tuesday, killing at least six people.

The crash near the ski resort of Campo Felice in the province of L’Aquila happened during an operation to rescue an injured skier, according to the Prefecture of L’Aquila.

The helicopter came down in the Campo Felice ski area during a rescue operation.

Two members of the Guardia di Finanzia police, three medical personnel and the injured skier were killed. The crash took place around 12:15 p.m. at an altitude of 600 meters and was caused by bad weather, according to the Prefecture.

The region has already been hit by earthquakes, heavy snowfalls and a deadly avalanche that killed at least 14 people at the Rigopiano Hotel in Pescara province on Wednesday.

The hotel is located around 40 miles from the helicopter crash site, on the other side of the Gran Sasso mountain.

The National Agency for Air Safety has opened an investigation into the helicopter crash and is sending an investigative team to the area, which was made inaccessible by the adverse weather conditions, according to a statement.

Source: (CNN)

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