St Thomas police station on course

The $13 million Cane Garden, St Thomas police station and court project is on course for on-time completion, according to one of the builders.

Although not stating the completion date, a reluctant construction director Andy Adams told Barbados TODAY the project was about 60 per cent complete.

Adams declined to give further details without approval from the Ministry of Home Affairs.

The St Thomas project, part of a $76 million investment in the upgrading of law enforcement facilities across the country, will see the construction of a civic centre comprising a new police station occupying 11,000 square feet of land and a magistrate’s court on 6,000 square feet of land.

Attorney General Adriel Brathwaite had stated in June last year that the ongoing work on the four police stations under the five-year $76 million Citizen Security Facilities Project was on time and within budget.

Brathwaite had given this assessment following a tour of the new Hastings/Worthing police station at Hastings, Christ Church; the new police station and magistrates’ court at Cane Garden, St Thomas; the refurbishment of the old barracks at the Central Police Station in Coleridge Street, the City and the renovation of the former Black Rock police station to house the Truth Verification and Family Conflict Units.

“We were given a budget and were told that we would not be receiving any more money other than the $76 million which was the cost of the project. We have to be cognizant that we stay within those lines,” he said at the time.

Contractors on the project are ADC Building and Maintenance Ltd, Innotech Services Ltd, Connoisseur Improvement Services Incorporated and Steve’s Building Works Ltd.

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