More time in jail for Stuart

He was scheduled to leave HMP Dodds in nine days, but Dario Ramana Stuart will spend another three months at the St Philip penal institution.

Stuart, 24, of 5th Avenue, Peterkin Road, Bank Hall, St Michael pleaded guilty to unlawfully and maliciously wounding Katrina Alexander on December 21, 2013.

The two were once in a relationship and have a daughter together, and even after the union broke down the two remained friends.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Rudy Pilgrim revealed that Alexander’s cousin allowed Stuart to live at his residence where the complainant also lived.

On the day in question, Alexander was in her bedroom when she heard Stuart pacing and mumbling, following an argument with her cousin about his non-contribution to the bills.

He later stood over her and told her if he couldn’t have a good Christmas, nobody could.

According to Pilgrim, Stuart held Alexander down on the bed and stabbed her with what appeared to be a knife in her face. She was able to escape and ran to her aunt’s home for help.

However, Stuart told Magistrate Douglas Frederick that some of the information read to the court was untrue.

“That was over three years ago. . . . Me and my child mother was living together at that time. We got into an argument due to the fact that I had $50 for the owner of the house, which I know she orchestrated because me and she wasn’t agreeing,” he said.

Stuart said he was asked to leave the house if he could not pay the money by the following morning.

“We [went] into her bedroom and got into more high words. . . . I touched her and she pretending to be sleeping, but we were just arguing. She turned with a knife that she had under the pillow. . . . While I was trying to disarm her, she get cut. When I asked her to let me see, she get up and ran and went for help from her aunt.”

He further explained that since then, he and the complainant have been “agreeing” and taking care of their child.

The magistrate then questioned why the charge was being brought before the court four years after the allegation was made.

The prosecutor explained that the initial investigating officer went on sick leave for a period of time and the file was passed on to another officer. Despite that officer’s best efforts he was unable to locate the accused. That officer was subsequently transferred and the file was again passed on to another lawman.

“But his feet were too short, so to speak, . . . as he was told the accused man was now living in St Lucy.”

However, Stuart’s time ran out when he ran afoul of the law in December last year and his story was carried in the newspapers.

The search ended when the officer located him at HMP Dodds where he was serving a two-month sentence for an unpaid fine and theft, which ends at the end of this month.

After telling his story, Stuart believed he would get the mercy of the court, but
Alexander then turned up and upset his applecart.

She told the court that she and Stuart had not been “agreeing” and she had not seen him for a long time, and he had not been taking care of his duties as a father.

Stuart maintained that he had been buying juices and other items for his daughter and that he usually took the child to St Lucy to spend time with him.

“The last time she saw him was on a bus and he shout her and she wanted to know who he was,” Alexander said.

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