Edwin, Lil Rick out of Int’l Soca Monarch

A Bajan invasion was expected this year for Trinidad and Tobago’s International Soca Monarch semi-finals on February 5th, but that will not be the case as two of the highly anticipated performers have opted out of the competition.

For the first time, seven Barbadians made the cut from the 66 names that were released January 18th.

Peter Ram (Good Morning), Lil Rick (I’z a Bajan), Biggie Irie (Money Well Spent), Marzville (Bang Bim), King Bubba (Calling in Sick), Marvay (Know the Face), and Edwin Yearwood (Home Sweet Home) were expected to be flying the flag high in Port of Spain. However Edwin Yearwood and Lil Rick will not be gracing the stage.

Speaking on the behalf Yearwood, Krosfyah manager Ingrid Holder said he was presently not interested in competing regionally.

“He is just not about the mental preparation needed for going into another competition after doing the one here,” Holder said the Krosfyah performer.

Edwin The General Yearwood.

She said Yearwood was focused on spreading the soca genre internationally in uncharted territories, such as Asia and Africa.

“We are trying to really focus on pushing soca to a new platform, so competing at this point right now is not on our tables,” she said.

Also speaking to Barbados TODAY, Lil Rick’s manager Ruel Ward explained why he chose not to compete this year.

“We’re more so concentrating on our performance opportunities within the traditional and non-traditional markets, our local endorsements and preparing for Crop Over 2017,” revealed the Pyramid Entertainment director.

Lil Rick

Although the General and the Hypa Dawg will not be on stage, the show must go on for the five hopefuls.

In a telephone interview from New York, Peter Ram told Barbados TODAY his goal was to make it to the finals.

“Yeah we’re inside, but now the work begins,” he said. “It’s good but it’s still stressful because now you have to think of what strategy to get into the final.”

Meanwhile, Biggie Irie, who is also among the semifinalists, said he would be performing as normal.

“It’s just another gig, so I go and do my song and if they send me through, they send me through,” he said.

However, the veteran entertainer said he was happy about the increased recognition of Barbadian talent.

“It shows that our music is a force to be reckoned with in Trinidad . . . and our music is getting good rotation on the air down there during carnival time,” Biggie Irie said.

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  1. Peter January 22, 2017 at 3:08 pm

    De Trinis she he does sound like ef he cryin in all o’ he songs. Dem wan fuh party, not hear nobody cryin pun dem stage. Edwin got nuff nuff nice musuc but he got to sing an not cry baby dem. Trinis love a party.


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