School thief gets more jail time

Several schools in Barbados last November became the target of a “habitual thief” who will now spend an additional two years at HMP Dodds.

Thyron Philip Johnson, 42, of Mayers Road, My Lord’s Hill, St Michael, today pleaded guilty to entering the George Lamming Primary School on November 22 as a trespasser with intent to commit theft; the Belmont Primary School sometime between November 11 and 12 and stealing $350; as well as the Haven Daycare and Preschool between November 16 and 17 and stealing hot dogs and juice.

He also admitted to damaging a motorcar belonging to Thomas Clarke sometime between November 11 and 12, last year, as well as a vehicle belonging to Sherwin Reid.

According to the facts presented by police prosecutor Sergeant Neville Watson, the educational facilities were locked and secured, but when officials returned the following day they discovered the schools had been broken into and items were missing.

In the case of Haven Daycare and Preschool, the back door was pried open.

Johnson reportedly said that the money he stole from the Belmont Primary School was used to buy food and drinks. At George Lamming Primary, the watchman had discovered that a window in the special unit had been broken.

With respect to the criminal damage, one of the vehicles was a Suzuki SUV that the owner had parked when he attended a function, but on his return he found that the windshield had been tampered with.

“The culprit used some type of instrument [in a bid] to remove the windshield. . . . However, the vehicle didn’t have anything of value and the culprit went away unhappy,” the prosecutor said.

“I apologize to these people for my actions. I didn’t do it for drugs,” Johnson, who subtly placed the blame on his sister, told the court.

He explained that he is a diabetic who took insulin three times a day and had to follow a particular diet, but was unable to get regular meals from his sister.

However, Magistrate Douglas Frederick told Johnson his actions were wrong.

“You should not be breaking into these places,” he told the man who was already serving a three-year sentence at HMP Dodds.

“I am going to top it up for you,” the magistrate then told Johnson as he imposed six-month sentences for each of the school burglaries, which will run consecutively to his current sentence, and three months each on the criminal damage charges, also to run consecutively.

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  1. Antheia Springer-Williams
    Antheia Springer-Williams January 20, 2017 at 9:21 am

    Stealing from a school when common sense free and education basically free!


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