Haynes House’s hurrah!

Haynes “Purple” House came from behind to win the title at St. Christopher’s Primary School’s inter-house sports at the Dover, Christ Church grounds Friday. It was their first victory in eight years.

Following the Infants sports day held last term and heading into the Juniors Friday, Ifill House (Orange) seemed to be the house to beat as they had their noses out-front by a slim margin.

Haynes House celebrate their first inter-house victory in eight years at the St Christopher Primary Sports Day.
Corbin House were the winners of the Tug-O-War competition.

Friday’s race meet was off to an early start just around 10a.m. with the girls open 600m and boys 800m, and with the sun beating down on the field signalling a nice day for sporting action the competitors got down to business.

Victrix ludorum Shanaya Gillard has been dominating her division ever since she was enrolled at the school but hadn’t won a title and today she was determining that her unlucky spell would come to an end. Winning was the only thing on her mind every time she took her mark.

Victrix ludorum Shanaya Gillard amassed 36 points for champions Purple House , here she is way ahead of the pack in the Under-13 Girls 200m.
Daquon Kinch of Orange House in charge of the Under-9 Boys 200m.

Gillard who contributed 37 of Haynes’ winning tally of 545 points won every event she participated in for the day which included the 100m and 400m. But there was something special about the under 13 girls 200m dash, as she destroyed the field leaving Reinesha Brackin of Yellow House in second place while her house mate Shakany Jones came third.

She wasn’t finished just yet and she took pride in her final race at school when she pulled out all the stocks to propel her 4×100 medley relay team to victory from a losing position. Spectators described the race as a thrilling spectacle.

Victor ludorum Davion Dottin winning the Under-13 Boys 200m ahead of Joshua King of Orange House.

Just like in the girls, the boys under-13 division was also one-way traffic in the form of the fastest boy in the school Davion Dottin. He was crowned the victor ludorum after amassing 54 points and also winning all of his events for the day including the long jump. Just like Gillard the 200m was Dottin’s pet race and he powered to victory ahead of Joshua King and Chadari Jones of Orange House.

The points standing were close right up until the luncheon break with Orange House barely hanging on to their lead of 35 points, Haynes were trailing with 306 points while the battle for third position was on between the Green Blades on 253 and Yellow House with just 13 points separating the two houses.

After the 200 metres sprints the tables turned and the competitors from Purple House started to believe that it could be their year to be kings and queens and it definitely was.

The day’s ultimate events were next on the agenda and Purple House had taken the lead from the grasp of Orange House with eight relays to go and when all the baton races were completed there was no doubt who the 2017 champions were as Haynes House (Purple) rose to the occasion with their 545 points, just 18 points in front last year’s champions Ifill House (Orange) with 527, Corbin House took the third spot with 484 points while the Green Blades came in fourth position with 392 points.

Hannah Best of Haynes House edging out Camia Bynoe of Yellow House in the Under-11 Girls 200m.

Hannah Best and Joshua Lorde were the Under-11 girls and boys divisional champions respectively.

Source: (AGB)

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