First-time offender to work for clean record

A 34-year-man who, before yesterday never ran afoul of the law, will have to perform 80 hours of community service if he wants to keep his record clean.

Ron Casper Camille, of Pipers Avenue Bayville, St Michael, went before Magistrate Douglas Frederick today charged with possession of a rock, an offensive weapon, while on James Street, The City.

The offence occurred yesterday.

According to Sergeant Neville Watson, police responded to a fracas on James Street where they saw a crowd of people gathered. Camille had a large rock that he was attempting to throw at another person.

He was held back by people at the scene, but he somehow broke free and lawmen intervened as he made another attempt to throw the rock.

“Some fella name Acola, he keeps harassing me. Every time he see me, he keep interfering with me. Yesterday, he come and slapped me in my face, this [harassment] has been going on for years. . . . . Yesterday was the only time he slapped me, but every time he see me he calling me names,” Camille told the court.

“I picked up the rock to hit him with it and run behind him
.  .  . but at that point in time I was vex because it happening a long time,” he added, even as he admitted that he should have handled the matter differently.

The magistrate agreed, as he imposed the sentence on the first-time offender who had also admitted that he never reported the harassment to police.

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