Well-digger’s sudden death shocks family

Well-digger Corey Waldron always thought he would die at an early age, having lost both his parents quite young.

Still, his sudden passing Tuesday has jolted his family, especially his three brothers Kerri, Fabian and Andre.

“Sometimes he always said my mother dead, my father dead, he don’t want to see til he get old. He like he really fulfilled his dream, but he should have lived a little longer,” Andre, the youngest of the brothers, told Barbados TODAY.

The 34-year-old Corey Tuesday reportedly complained of feeling ill after emerging from a well he was digging in Collymore Rock, St Michael, and died en route to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

The Chancery Lane, Christ Church resident was quiet and reserved and “often kept to himself”, according to neighbours.

Speaking from the home that they shared, Andre said the family, including their grandmother Undine Waldron, had yet to come to terms with their loss.

“I would have never expected he would have died so,” said Andre who was at work when he received the news.

Raised in Colleton, St John, Corey was remembered as a loving brother, whose passion was digging wells and who was well-liked by his co-workers.

“Digging wells, that’s the only thing he liked. He didn’t like anything else than that,” Andre reminisced.

“He’s a man that keeps to himself. When he is home he doesn’t really come out; he would carry in his little alcohol and he would sit down in the house and drink. He doesn’t really come out and socialize with anybody really,” the grieving brother said.

Although the cause of his death remains unclear, Andre said his brother had a simple but fulfilling life.

“We were never looking for him to die, but at the end of the day that is life. All of us have to die no matter what, so all we can do is hope that . . . we can get him to bury and we could relax and ease that pain,” he said.

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