Serial burglar changes his tune

He originally denied committing six burglary offences, but after spending 28 days at HMP Dodds, a St Michael man had a change of heart when he returned to the District ‘A’ Magistrates’ Court Tuesday.

Last December, Fairfield Crossroad resident Reuben Decoursey Jordan said he was not guilty of the charges when he appeared before Magistrate Douglas Frederick.

Today, however, he admitted to entering Albert Butcher’s home as a trespasser on December 10, 2016 and stealing a $300 Black & Decker electric saw, a $900 Black & Decker compressor, an Apple watch worth $1,600, a TCL television worth $700, an Acer laptop worth $1,000, an Acer tablet worth $200, a gas cylinder worth $38, a gas bottle head worth $46 and US$100.

The 26-year-old also pleaded guilty to entering Dexter Arthur’s home on the same date and taking a Dell laptop worth $2,000.

Jordan told Magistrate Frederick he was also guilty of the charges of entering: the home of Eunice Boyce as a trespasser on December 7, and stealing a cable box worth $450 belonging to Columbus Television Communications Barbados Limited; and the home of Jael Sandiford on November 15, as a trespasser, and stealing a television worth $1,000.

With respect to the latter two charges, police prosecutor Sergeant Neville said Jordan was caught red-handed on both occasions.

In the theft at Boyce’s residence, he was caught unplugging the cable box.

“I ain’t no thief,” Jordan reportedly told Boyce as he walked out the door with the device and rode away on a bicycle.

In the matter involving Sandiford, the court heard that Jordan was standing in the living room near the door when he was caught unplugging a 32-inch television. He told Sandiford not to move and ran out the door. The victim and other residents gave chase and Jordan dropped the television in a cemetery.

Jordan also admitted to stealing a power washer gun worth $450, a battery worth $250, two screwdrivers worth $45 and a $65 wrench from Gerard Augustin, on November 6; and stealing a $400 carpet belonging to Judy-Ann Best between December 10 and 11, an $800 carpet belonging to Murial O’Neal, and two $600 carpets – one belonging to Brenda Wilson and the other to Marvin Beckles.

After hearing the facts, which showed that Jordan was either caught on camera or through police investigations, the magistrate sentenced him to three months behind bars on each burglary charge, to run concurrently.

2 Responses to Serial burglar changes his tune

  1. Sharon Taylor
    Sharon Taylor January 18, 2017 at 6:01 am

    Wa I like he bad… Chose to invade ppl homes, make them fear for their safety, just to steal stuff and go sell it for a dime! D magistrate gine lost u way boy, ya shudda go d legal route and get a job… Wunna men don’t work but does got women and children, obviously wunna gine thief!

  2. Helicopter(8P) January 19, 2017 at 11:50 am

    This man is a Master Technician H M P Dodd’s better watch out the C Os might not have a monitor left


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