Man admits to assaulting one officer and resisting another

A St Michael man Tuesday pleaded guilty to several charges, two years after he made his first appearance in court.

Ryan Curwen Calendar, of Barbarees Gardens, admitted before Magistrate Douglas Frederick to assaulting Police Constable Theodore McClean with intent to prevent his lawful apprehension on August 26, 2014.

He also pleaded guilty to resisting Constables McClean and Dennis Murray, and being armed with a broken bottle, an offensive weapon.

According to the facts, police had been searching for Calendar in connection with an assault case they were investigating. He was subsequently spotted on Chapman Street among a group of people, but ran as the police approached. He was pursued and caught.

A struggle ensued between Calendar and the two officers when the accused man broke a bottle and pointed it at Constable McClean. However, the officers were able to subdue him.

“I ain’t break the bottle to stab Mr McClean or anything. I apologize to the officers. . . . I never disrespect any officer,” Calendar said Tuesday afternoon.

He further explained to the magistrate that he “was hot” at the time because his girlfriend had accused him wrongfully.

“We as humans does got women and emotions get carried away,” he said as he referred to two other charges – theft and assault – before the court.

For the offence of arming himself with an offensive weapon, Magistrate Frederick imposed a $750 fine on Calendar which he must pay in one month or spend three months behind bars.

He was also ordered to pay $200 in compensation to Constable McClean whose thumb was injured during the struggle.

If he fails to pay that money, he will also have to spend three months behind bars.

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