Chinese donate to Heart & Stroke Foundation

The Heart & Stroke Foundation has an additional two Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) thanks to the Chinese Embassy.

Chinese Ambassador Wang made the presentation this morning after touring the facility.

Vice president of the Heart and Stroke Foundation Dr Kenneth Connell demonstrating the use of the automated external defibrillator to commercial counsellor of the Chinese Embassy Xiu Zhang, Chinese Ambassador to Barbados Wang Ke (centre) and President of the Foundation Humphrey Metzgen.

“Immediately after my visit, we recognized the meaningful and worthwhile work you are doing, through educating, training and offering rehabilitating services to the public, and we wanted to assist in the medical care of this country,” she said.

President of the Heart & Stroke Foundation Humphrey Metzgen thanked the Chinese Ambassador for the equipment. 

President of the Heart & Stroke Foundation Humphrey Metzgen.

“Our two countries, despite differences in size and population, share similar problems from the impact of non-communicable diseases, particularly cardiovascular diseases, and here at the foundation we are working on a number of fronts to combat these diseases,” he said.

Metzgen added that the immediate task is to help those who have suffered heart attacks or had heart surgery get back to full health.

“Programmes such as our Emergency Cardiac Care assist in training persons in first aid and CPR. In our 2016 financial year, over 2000 persons have been trained through this programme, and these AEDs will assist us tremendously,” he said.

Metzgen also took the opportunity to introduce the newly appointed CEO of the Heart & Stroke Foundation Fiona Anthony who took up duty from January 9. 

Newly appointed president of the Heart and Stroke Foundation Fiona Anthony.

“We are very excited to welcome Fiona into the position of CEO and the Board of Directors is confident that she brings the necessary skills and experience to lead the foundation in our fight to reduce the prevalence of chronic non-communicable diseases within our society,” he said.

Anthony said she was honoured to have been selected for the position.

“I look forward to further developing the mission of the Heart & Stroke Foundation,” she said.

Commenting on the donations, she said the two AED units would “increase efforts in our fight to keep people heart healthy and reduce the suffering from heart disease and stroke”.

“They will be used within our established Emergency Cardiac Care Programme to train persons on their use and application with a victim who has suffered from a cardiac event,” explained Anthony.

The Heart & Stroke Foundation offers several courses, including Heart Saver, and Basic and Advanced Life Support for health care providers. 


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