Seale says he uses marijuana to ease pain

A St Michael man who was arrested earlier this morning on three cannabis charges has three months to pay a $1 500 fine.

If 54-year-old Henderson Ricardo Seale, a resident of White Hall #3, fails to comply with the order imposed on him by Magistrate Douglas Frederick, he will spend six months at HMP Dodds.

The District ‘A’ Magistrates’ Court heard that $90 worth of compressed vegetable matter was found when police was executing a search warrant at Seale’s residence this morning.

Police reportedly observed him moving to a room and throwing something out the window. The cannabis landed near an officer on the outside.

“That’s just a little weed,” Seale, who is a joiner by trade, said at the time.

He was charged with possession, possession with intent to supply, and trafficking of the illicit drug which weighed 18 grammes.

“It was for personal use, not for trafficking,” Seale said as he apologized to the court for his actions.

He explained that he was an asthmatic and suffered with a condition that hardens the muscles.

Seale said he had discovered through research that the drug helped ease the condition, and he had proven it.

The magistrate then asked whether smoke did not affect asthmatics negatively.

“No disrespect. . . . In my case it does ease my pain . . . . I hope you can be as lenient as possible,” Seale said.

The magistrate subsequently imposed the fine.

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