Green Giants

Green House Giants are the new kings and queens of inter-house sports at the Lawrence T-Gay Primary School after dethroning defending champions Red House Rockets Tuesday at the National Stadium.

Proceedings hit the ground early Tuesday morning with the sun beating down much to the excitement of parents, teachers and athletes and from the get go Green House looked destined for victory despite some stiff competition from the competitors of Red.

Under-13 girls divisional champion Tianna Morris receiving the winners’ trophy from principal Beverley Parris as newly crowned champions Green House Giants celebrate.
(Pictures by Charmaine Walker)

All eyes were on two youngsters by the names of Adrian Maynard and Keshawn Burnett both of the green team who jointly took the victor ludorum title, amassing 48 points each to help their house to a total of 386 points.

Victor ludorum and Under-13 division champion Adrian Maynard wins the long Jump at a distance of 4.29m.

Burnett started the damage first when he cruised to victory in the under-9 boys 80m ahead of Anthony Hoyte of Blue House who took the second spot. That was only the beginning of what proved to be a normal day at the office as he also took gold in the 150 and 100 metres as well as the long jump.

His team-mate Adrian Maynard was also in a no-nonsense mood as he destroyed the under-13 boys division, the spectators were always in for a treat when this young man took the track with style and flair and he had the skills to back it up.

Too cute to lose – the little ones getting ready for their race.

The only event in his division he didn’t participate in was the 100m, but whenever Maynard was under the starter’s order there was always a battle for second place even before the gun went off and the white flag was shown.  As he won all four of his events including the long jump with a distance of 4.29m, way ahead of his Green House partner Kabili Cumberbatch who leaped to 3.86 metres and Disherid Franklyn of Red House with 3.62.  He also took pleasure in winning the 200m dash where he edged out Kenrain Harris of Red House and Malaiki Clarke of Yellow House.

Victrix Ludorum Tonika Griffith of Red House powering through the field in the under-11 girls 100m dash ahead of Kenisha Ashton and Kijana Johnson.

When it came to the girls Tonika Griffith was the dominant force –  despite the presence of Kenisha Ashton and Kijiana Johnson -whenever she was under starter’s order. Griffith began her terrific display with the 100m but said the 200m was her favourite and there was no doubt about that as she showed that she was all prepared for NAPSAC in March as she eased to the finish line. Although winning all her track events, Griffith had to take the silver medal in the under-11 girls long jump.

At the lunch break the Green Giants still had their noses out front by a 58-point margin with Red House behind and the battle for third place very wide open.

Shamaya Prince of the Yellow House Tigers bringing home the baton ahead of Red House and Green House.

The day’s ultimate events were next on the agenda and after the eight relays were ran it was clear who the winners were after the Green Giants took five of the eight baton races.

Last year’s champions Red Rockets were runners-up with 330 points while the Blue Panthers took the third position totalling 212 points and the Yellow Tigers took fourth place with 186 points.

The Red Rockets were dethroned but they weren’t disheartened.

The division champions were as follows: Under-13 Girls – Tianna Morris; Under-13 Boys – Adrian Maynard; Under-11 Girls – Tonika Griffith; Under-11 Boys – Zahir Niles; Under-9 Girls – Dwanesha Hoyte; Under-9 Boys – Keshawn Burnett; Under-7 Girls – Danielle Harris; Under-7 Boys – Nathan Rowe.

Source: (AGB)

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