Rat invasion

Residents of Gittens Avenue, Bayland, St Michael were delighted that their community was finally being cleared of the high bush that served as home to rats and other pests and a potential hiding place for would-be thieves.

However, joy quickly turned to dismay as the workers hired to de-bush the area left behind the rubbish and cuttings.

Residents of Gittens Avenue, Bayland, St Michael are begging the authorities to clean up the bushy area.

Now the frustrated residents want the Ministry of Health to clear the piles of debris, which they claim are contributing to major health issues in their community.

“They clear it, leave it there and didn’t come back. This has been going on for years. The people that them got doing de-bushing early December them do it and didn’t come back; cut it down and leave all the stuff there,” Corey Straker complained.

Straker told Barbados TODAY as a result of the debris gathered there, rodents and insects were invading the place.

“Every day rats in the yard running about high day time, We got to be putting down poison all the time and every time you put down poison it eat and you ain’t seeing nothing, it just smelling.”

Another resident, Mary Ann Cadogan added that rodents and insects were not their only concerns.

Cadogan said residents did not feel safe, especially at night, because intruders could easily use the overgrown bush and debris as cover.

“It is a getaway for thieves. You does be frighten to pass here at night . . . when you see night come I does have to turn on my front light and back light. It is frightening, that is the truth. The spot wasn’t always like that but it’s because nobody looks after it, it is frightening to pass,” she said.

 “The week when they came the rain was falling constantly but I thought they would have come back; nobody isn’t coming back. Out there need cleaning.  I was very happy when the fellas came and start to work but they haven’t come back yet,” she added.

When contacted Chief Medical Officer Joy St John assured Barbados TODAY the problem would be addressed as of next week.  

Source: (AGB)

3 Responses to Rat invasion

  1. Sittipon Janpong
    Sittipon Janpong January 14, 2017 at 2:10 am

    USA used psychological warfare????!

  2. Watchman January 14, 2017 at 11:45 am

    Amazes me de amount of lazy so and so Bajans that think a cutlass is only for chopping somebody, not bush.
    Maybe wunna in de Bayland can go to St.Joseph and ask the industrious folks there how to cut and dispose of bush.

  3. One love January 14, 2017 at 6:28 pm

    Why can’t workers complete a job and give people what they paid for. Let us get with it Brothers and sisters, this 2017 endeavor to work and fulfill your commitments


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