Worrell gets stay at Dodds for trespassing

A man who was unable to give a valid reason for being on the property of his ex-girlfriend’s mother, will spend the night in jail.

When he went before Magistrate Douglas Frederick this afternoon, Mikal Turique Worrell of Miller’s Gap, Farm Road, St Peter pleaded guilty to loitering on the premises of Cheryl Mcalmont and was unable to give a satisfactory account of himself.

The 21-year-old shop assistant was in a relationship with the complainant’s daughter, but after the relationship came to an end he was forbidden from stepping foot on
the premises.

However, police prosecutor Neville Watson said it was around 5:30 this morning when the complainant and her husband heard a noise near the shed in their backyard. They investigated but found nothing suspicious and went about their business thinking it was a “wild cat”.

They left the backdoor open and proceeded to take a shower when they noticed Worrell entering the house and making his way to a bedroom.

The husband went to investigate and found Worrell hiding at the side of the bed.

He gave no reply when asked to give a reason for being there. The police were called in.

“You were caught red-handed,” Magistrate Douglas Frederick told Worrell.

However, Worrell denied being in the bedroom.

“I was on the premises but I was not in the house. I was in the yard waiting to talk to my ex-girlfriend,” he claimed.

Frederick then questioned Worrell about his reason for being on Mcalmont’s property when he was warned not to go there.

“I am very sorry,” Worrell said.

He told the court the Mcalmont’s home was located in Brittons Hill.

“I went to a session at that side, in St Lawrence Gap,” said the young man.

Magistrate Frederick, who wanted to investigate the matter further, remanded Worrell to HMP Dodds until tomorrow, after his surety was unable to make it to the District ‘A’ Magistrates’ Court to sign his bail.

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