Republic Bank Going Green for 2017

Republic Bank has launched its Going Green campaign.

From left: Simon Isaacs, Larry Brathwaite, Sadrian Maynard and Ryan Rogers of Republic Bank.

Chairperson of the bank’s Health and Safety and Going Green Committees Michelle Pounder told Barbados TODAY the goal is to work with 520 employees to encourage them to go green and live healthier lives, with a focus on water conservation and reduction in paper and electricity usage.

Chairman of the Health and Safety and Going Green Committees at Republic Bank, Michelle Pounder.

The idea for the campaign originated from a safety and health at work seminar held in 2013 by the Labour Department. The programme sought to assist organizations with documenting policies and procedures relating to health and safety in the workplace.

Pounder said a greater appreciation for the Safety and Health at Work (SHAW) Act was observed, even though employees were not initially excited about the campaign. As a result of its drafting policies, implementing safety and health representatives and drafting health and safety procedures, the bank achieved a gold and silver award from the Labour Department.

Neil Gilkes of the Solid Waste Project Management Coordination Unit, who assisted the bank’s staff in the campaign, said it was necessary for Barbados to go green, as waste management remains a major issue.

Neil Gilkes of the Solid Waste Project Management Coordination Unit.

“The reality is, if we look to incorporate measures to take certain materials out of the waste stream then invariably we’re extending the life of the landfill,” he noted.

Republic Bank also adopted the Good Shepherd Primary School as part of its campaign to spread the message of recycling and saving the environment to young people.

Good Shepherd Primary School prefect James Pounder, head girl Charian Alexander, and head boy Shaunico Cyrus-Christian.

The school’s principal Louis Griffith lauded the bank for including the school.

“Without a doubt, we must involve our children from a very early age. The environment that they inherit will be highly dependent on their behaviour, and I think this is the best time to sow the seeds,”
he said.

Recycling bins have been donated to the school, and an art competition will be held for Class Three and Four students to design the campaign’s mascot.

Republic Bank began its work with beach cleanups and also initiated a pilot recycling programme at its Broad Street location, which will be extended to other branches in February. Recycling bins will be placed in all ten locations of the bank as well as at Good Shepherd Primary School.

The installation of solar panels for electricity efficiency is another project to be undertaken. 

2 Responses to Republic Bank Going Green for 2017

  1. Alex alleyne January 13, 2017 at 9:02 pm

    I was more looking at “paperless” to save some trees. Going online banking only.

  2. Ben Haynes Psy.D January 14, 2017 at 9:24 am

    Well, Alex, this is the first step. Let us appreciate that there is a problem that needs fixing, and we all will benefit by the smallest action which no doubt will grow.


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