Third World coming

Iconic Jamaican reggae band, Third World, is ready to touch down in Barbados to perform at the Naniki Barbados Music Festival this weekend.

The band is scheduled to arrive on Thursday for their performance on Friday night and they are more than excited.

Speaking on behalf of the band, Richard Daley said they were working on a set that would appeal to all their fans as their main aim was not to disappoint.

“We are very excited and looking forward to it because Barbados has been good to us over the years. Last time we performed here was about two years ago so it’s good to be back. We are just trying to live up to the expectations of those who will be coming out to see us,” he said.

Daley said it is always extra special performing in Barbados because Third World used to perform here before they started touring the world.

“Before we went to Europe or any other part of the world, we spent some time in Barbados and we were playing at a Gazebo in the city. At the time, there was a band called Wendy Alleyne and the (Dynamics) and I remember performing with them at the point in time,” he reminisced.

Having lost their lead singer Bunny Rugs three years ago, Daley said while they miss him dearly, they have added another great musician as their lead singer and the relationship was going well.

“Emotionally, we will never get over it because we lost someone so close and dear to us. But we were fortunate to replace him with another great lead singer out of Jamaica by the name of AJ Brown who is another gifted entertainer. We knew him from years before and he just came and blended right in. On a positive note, it’s good for the band,” he added.

While they will not be doing a direct tribute to Bunny Rugs in their set, Daley said they always made sure to mention him because he would never be forgotten.

“We did tributes the year after he died. But we wouldn’t be focusing on it as much. We do mention it every night, we will always remember him.”

While here in Barbados, Third World is hoping to get down to even more work. “I’m just looking forward to coming to Barbados and possibly meeting up with Arturo Tappin and doing something with him,” Daley revealed.

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