Teen remanded after admitting to theft

A 19-year-old was remanded to HMP Dodds this afternoon after he pleaded guilty to theft.

Shaquille Stephen Gibbons of Douglin Road, Carlton, Weston, St James admitted to stealing a wallet valued $80, a $30 ring, a $150 bangle and $1,500 in cash belonging to Prem Nandwani.

According to police prosecutor Sergeant Neville Watson, Gibbons and Nandwani met in St Lawrence Gap in July 2016 and became “so close that the accused started spending nights at the complainant’s residence”.

On August 27 of that year, the complainant hung his pants over a door while he took a shower. The pants contained the wallet with money. The bangle and ring were in another part of the house.

When Nandwani finished bathing, he realized that the pants was not where he had left it but in the living room, and the contents were gone, as was Gibbons. A further check revealed that other items were also missing.

Gibbons, who was arrested sometime later in Speightstown, allegedly told the police he used the money to buy food. None of the items was recovered.

“What’s going on with you?” Magistrate Douglas Frederick asked, even as he pointed out that Gibbons had started his “criminal enterprise” a long time ago.

“My head does trigger off,” Gibbons replied. “I duh want money, Sir.”

Frederick then pointed out that the complainant had taken Gibbons in and taken care of him.

“I could pay him back, Sir,” Gibbons said, but the magistrate asked how he could afford to do so when he had stolen the money to buy food.

“I working van, Sir . . . . It is just a mistake I made,” Gibbons said.

Frederick replied: “This can’t be a mistake now. . . . This is deliberate because you have done it before.”

The magistrate then remanded the teenager into custody at HMP Dodds until February 8, at which time a presentencing report will be presented to the court.

“I need an analysis on what is happening . . . to see if I can help. This type of life that you are living doesn’t last long,” Frederick said.

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  1. Good Stuff
    Good Stuff January 12, 2017 at 6:12 am

    Barbados Today can u confirm the shooting that happened this morning in Packers,St Phillip???

  2. John Wick
    John Wick January 12, 2017 at 6:28 pm

    Teen remanded after admitting with a little persuading


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