Chrisette promises high energy performance

International R&B soul singer, Chrisette Michele, is on the island to perform at this weekend’s Naniki Barbados Music Festival. She arrived Tuesday to a warm reception at the Grantley Adams International Airport.

For Chrisette who was here just a few weeks ago on vacation with her fiancé, Barbados feels like home. She says she loves the warmth of Barbados, not just the climate but also the friendly people.

Although this visit is work-related, Chrisette says she is “looking forward to getting in the water”. She adds: “Barbados is one of my favorite places to come and relax. I don’t feel like a celebrity when I’m here. No one is going to make me feel like an outcast and that’s a big deal to me. I like to hang out at public beaches and do regular things that everyone else does. Barbados is definitely one of those places I can do that.”

“Barbados is a family environment. I always feel at home here and I have a couple people who work for my company here in Barbados. And the people here really are supportive of culture and art and they’re excellent people. So I took that back home to the States with me.”

Executive Producer of the Naniki Barbados Music Festival Tom Hinds (left) welcomes Chrisette Michele to the island.

The Couple of Forevers singer has started her own online university and is offering special rates to Barbadians interested in signing up for instruction.

“ . . . it talks about the hard work of the music industry, You can enroll in classes. I’m doing a special discount for persons in Barbados, so you will get a 50 per cent discount off April enrollment. There I will teach you the ins and outs of the music industry, what it’s like being in the industry and how to get in,” she explains.

Chrisette says the love she receives whenever she comes to Barbados is unlike any other and she is glad to have made friends in the music industry here.

“The love I get here is incredible. Anywhere you go in the world and it’s not home and people love you that way, it just feels incredible and it’s welcoming every time. I just made a special collection in my jewelry collection for Barbados and I call it Next Step Barbados. Blessed to experience it and became friends with a lot of Bajan artistes,” she adds.

Chrisette is promising fans a full and exciting performance this weekend.

“The last time I came to perform, it was with a different band. So now it’s going to be a different live band and I’m excited about that. Expect a live performance. I brought my whole band, background vocals and dancers. I will be singing songs from all my albums so it should be a lot of fun and high energy.”

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