Tragedy strikes at Foundation

The first day of the school term at Christ Church Foundation School was marred by tragedy after one of its long-time vendors died.

Seventy-four-year-old Armalee Powlett collapsed around 6:55 Tuesday morning on the school grounds after complaining of feeling ill. She passed away shortly thereafter.

The stall where Armalee Powlett plied her trade out the Christ Church Foundation School.

Deputy Principal Peter Cox told Barbados TODAY the student body was informed about Powlett’s passing during full assembly.

“It was mainly old scholars who would have known her during their time at the school and other staff members, who were more affected by the incident, but our students were not adversely affected,” Cox said.

The mother of four had been associated with the school for over half a century, and Cox recalled that she was awarded last November for her service.

“During our Independence celebrations she was rewarded for her long service. She was with us for decades as she joined the school in 1960 and was with the institution prior to its merger. She even ran the canteen at Christ Church High School until the school closed. She was part of our Christ Church Foundation family and will be deeply missed,” Cox said.

Armalee Powlett

Over at her Church Hill home, family members were still in shock over the passing of a “generous, contented, happy woman and everything you would want in a friend”.

“I got the call from my sister that mummy collapsed and originally I thought she was at the hospital, but then she said, ‘and died’, so it is still very shocking, because mummy wasn’t sick. So our family is deeply saddened. I had to call her granddaughter who just moved to Texas to study and break the news,” distraught daughter Cheryl said.

“Mummy’s home is directly opposite the Christ Church Parish Church and she was always at church and if anyone needed anything they knew to walk across. So she had a great relationship with the church,” her daughter added.

Funeral arrangements will be made after the body is released, but Powlett will be buried in her second home, Christ Church Parish Church.

Source: (KH/KW)

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  1. Bajan Sebastian
    Bajan Sebastian January 11, 2017 at 12:38 am

    Rest In Power u die doin what u love condolences to ur family….


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