JAMAICA – DPP to move Moravian sex case

KINGSTON – Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Paula Llewellyn says she will be applying for the transfer of the sex case involving a Moravian Church pastor from St Elizabeth to Kingston to ensure fairness to all parties.

Since 64-year-old R

Rupert Clarke

upert Clarke’s arrest and subsequent charge for having sex with an underage girl, there has been intense public and media scrutiny of the pastor, church and the alleged victim.

Llewellyn said she and Assistant Commissioner of Police Ealan Powell, who is the head of the Criminal Investigation Branch, are concerned that the public discussions could prejudice the case, which will be tried by a jury.

It’s a big reason her office will apply to have the case transferred to Kingston on March 6 when the St Elizabeth Circuit Court opens.

A defence lawyer could use arguments on prejudice to have a case dismissed.

The case took a new twist yesterday when former Moravian Minister produced a trail of emails contradicting claims by the church leadership that it had no previous knowledge of allegations of misconduct against the pastor.

The email between Dr Canute Thompson and the president of the Moravian Church in Jamaica Dr Paul Gardner date back to 2014.

The police have revealed that Clarke is now under investigation in relation to sex crimes involving other family members of the 15-year-old girl against whom he is charged with sexually abusing.

Source: (Jamaica Gleaner)

One Response to JAMAICA – DPP to move Moravian sex case

  1. jrsmith January 12, 2017 at 10:05 am

    Look at this man smiling as like the cat that got the cheese……

    What I find is very sad about this case , the (Church committee and the congregation ) is more worried about their organisation , than that 15 year old girl..
    I am seeing him getting off because a lot of people in societies is up to same nasty evil behaviour, in the name of God,
    This nasty behaviour is in most churches for decades , including little boys as well , thats why you would consider when (ISIS ) get lots of Christians in the name of (Allah) justice is done …..


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