BHL donates benches to Parkinson

Students of the Parkinson Memorial Secondary School started the new term with a bit more colour and comfort than they left at The Pine, St Michael institution last year, after they were gifted with 10 new brightly coloured benches from the Banks Holdings Limited (BHL) group of companies.

Corporate communications manager at BHL Sophia Cambridge (left) and principal of the Parkinson Memorial Secondary School Ian Holder (third left) with students as they unveil the plaque to mark the donation of benches.

A plaque was also unveiled to mark the occasion.

The contribution, valued at over $6 000, represents phase two of BHL’s Heritage, Environment, Learning and People (HELP) programme, and falls within the learning component. Phase one was the donation of garbage receptacles, under the environment component of the programme.

The beverage company has adopted four schools as part of its community outreach programme – the Parkinson Memorial Secondary School, Pine Primary School, Vauxhall Primary School and the Christ Church Foundation School.

Making the donation this morning, BHL’s corporate communications manager Sophia Cambridge said the items were chosen because they were identified as a necessity.

(From left, standing): Corporate communications manager at BHL Sophia Cambridge and principal of the Parkinson Memorial Secondary School Ian Holder interacting with some of the students using the new benches.

“Under the school improvement programme, what we have done is identify with the various principals and in consultation with some of the students, the needs in terms of the environs and student-centered component of the programme. So, among the priorities were benches for students to sit on and additional garbage receptacles,” said Cambridge.

“We decided that 10 benches to start the New Year would be an ideal way for students to feel a little more empowered in terms of their environs,” she added.

Welcoming the donation, principal Ian Holder said the benches would allow students to have their lunch in more comfort.

“It was important for us to have the benches, because we found that during lunchtime, because of the size of our population, a lot of children didn’t have anywhere to eat, they had to stand [or] lean on a tree. So we thought that having this recreational area will make it a lot more convenient for them and they will be able to relax and enjoy their lunchtime as they have their lunches,” he said. 

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  1. Vivian Kellman
    Vivian Kellman January 10, 2017 at 10:02 pm

    Good luck Mr Ian Holder


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